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  1. Runaway (Bon Jovi song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Runaway_(Bon_Jovi_song)

    5 days ago · However, "Runaway" is a song of which they remain proud. For well over 20 years, it has been the only song from the bands' first two albums to be performed on a regular basis. "I still think a couple of the songs hold up," Bon Jovi said of the debut album in 2007. "'Runaway', definitely."

    • "Love Lies"
    • February 1984 (US)
  2. Oh (Ciara song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Oh_(Ciara_song)

    6 days ago · The song was released on March 1, 2005, as the third single from her debut album, Goodies. The downtempo R&B song features hip-hop elements and a heavy bassline, and can be seen as an anthem to her hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. Ciara sings about the many things the city has to offer, while Ludacris raps the third verse.

    • 4:16
    • March 1, 2005
    • 2004
    • R&B
  3. 4 days ago · 68 Burning Bridges 4:45 69 In My Own Time 3:33 70 Seasons 2:21 Bandstand (1972) 71 Burlesque 4:05 72 Bolero Babe 4:37 73 Coronation 3:50 74 Dark Eyes 1:46 75 Broken Nose 4:09 76 My Friend The Sun 4:20 77 Glove 4:50 78 Ready To Go 4:36 79 Top Of The Hill 5:40 80 The Rockin' R's 3:25 BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (1973)

  4. 6 days ago · It is structured like an old Beatles song, with the title tagged on to the end of the verse: “Am I only dreaming / Or is this burning an eternal flame?” The Beatles do a similar kind of thing on We...

  5. Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds | リリース | Discogs › ja › Pink-Floyd-Obscured-By-Clouds

    Pink Floyd's most underrated album sandwiched between form finding 'Meddle' & monolith 'TDSOTM'. A collection of 10 unrelated songs, this is as close as they came to making a straightforward rock album. It's got a lovely acoustic chilled vibe alongside the classic late 60's early 70's era Floyd and it's great.

    • (5.5K)
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  7. STELLAR TOMB Hypnos | › 2021/05/02 › stellar-tomb-hypnos

    May 02, 2021 · Now, for the actual song sound, it from the song structure perspective are also more interesting to me then the first debut song, since it turned out to be a structure of essential metal songs, with a easily spotting choruses/verses/bridges, and also a very nice solo part. Well executed in the terms of instruments combinations also.

  8. The 115 Best Black Movies of the 21st Century – The Greatest ... › guide › best-black

    3 days ago · (Photo by Universal/ courtesy Everett Collection) The 115 Best Black Movies of the 21st Century. Rotten Tomatoes is celebrating the work of Black filmmakers and performers and the stories they have brought to our theaters over the past 20-plus years.

  9. 15 Ways to Rebuild a Broken Relationship - Lifehack › articles › communication

    5 days ago · Despite what people tell you, burning bridges is a great way to keep pace in the rat race – dancing in the flames of a burnt bridge is great motivation to work faster and keep pushing forward. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go back and rebuild a broken bridge for the sake of the better good.

  10. Fishing and Milling - Target Energy › mwd-lwd › resistivity-pwr

    Mar 15, 2021 · The reference is to a Southern victory in the Civil War. The song proposes a southern holiday honoring Elvis Presley. Williams would run for president of the South. He would place the capital in Montgomery, Alabama, honoring his father, Hank Williams, with his image on the $100 bill.

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