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  2. Burning Bridges Lyrics | Genius Lyrics - Genius | Song Lyrics ... › Mike-curb-congregation-burning

    Burning Bridges Lyrics: Friends all tried to warn me / But I held my head up high / All the time they warned me / But I only passed them by / They all tried to tell me / But I guess I didn't care /...

  3. JACK SCOTT - BURNING BRIDGES LYRICS › jack-scott › burning-bridges-lyrics

    now they're gone i burned them to ashes. don't want nothing to remind me of you. Burning bridges ...

    A Little Feeling (Called Love)
    Burning Bridges
    Cool Water
    Go Away From Here (Cryin’ in M ...
  4. Mike Curb Congregation - Burning Bridges Lyrics | MetroLyrics › burning-bridges-lyrics-mike

    Lyrics to 'Burning Bridges' by Mike Curb Congregation: Friends all tried to warn me But I held my head up high All the time they warned me But I only passed them by They all tried to tell me

  5. All the burning bridges that have fallen after me All the lonely feelings and the burning memories Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door Burning bridges lost forevermore Years have passed and I keep thinking What a fool I've been I look back into the past and Think of way back then I know that I lost everything I thought I that could win

  6. Quadeca – Burnin Bridges / Long Day Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Quadeca-burnin-bridges-long-day-lyrics

    Mar 31, 2021 · I'm burnin' all my fuckin' bridges 'til there's nothin' left (Uh-huh) The more they try to prove their worth, the more I'm unimpressed I trust no one but myself, he the only one that hasn't fuckin'...

  7. FARON YOUNG - BURNING BRIDGES LYRICS › faron-young › burning-bridges-lyrics

    Burning bridges behind me. All I want is to forget you somehow. Sold the house we once planned together. And said goodbye to folks we once knew. Then I moved to the faraway city. Trying hard to forget about you. Burning bridges behind me. It's too late to turn back now. Burning bridges behind me.

  8. Garth Brooks - Burning Bridges Lyrics | › garthbrooks › burningbridges

    Garth Brooks Lyrics. "Burning Bridges". Yesterday she thanked me. For oilin' that front door. This morning when she wakes. She won't be thankful anymore. She'll never know how much I cared. Just that I couldn't stay. And I'll never know the reason.

  9. OneRepublic - Burning Bridges Lyrics | SongMeanings › songs › view

    "I want you to burn my bridges down." I think he is asking her to take down the "bridge" that he has created because of past pains that he has experienced. The metaphor of the bridge could also be thought of as a wall that he has put up to protect himself.

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