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  1. I'm building bridges that I know you never wanted. Look for my heart. You stole it away. Now, I'll never sing the road that I could take. Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down (down) I said, I want you to burn my bridges down, down, down. Set me on fire. You set me, set me on fire. You can burn my bridges down.

  2. burning bridges behind me. all i want is to forget you somehow. Sold the house we once planned together. said goodbye to the folks we once knew. then i moved to a far away city. tried so hard to forget about you. Burning bridges behind me. it's too late to turn back now. burning bridges behind me.

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  4. Burning Bridges Lyrics: Friends all tried to warn me / But I held my head up high / All the time they warned me / But I only passed them by / They all tried to tell me / But I guess I didn't care /...

  5. So I'll burn my bridges, burn them down. Been hurting a lot without you here. Guess I need you baby. Been sleeping upon a bed of tears. Guess I miss you baby. This time I give all to you. It's time I prove something to you. Take all my world and shake it. Take my dear heart and embrace it.

  6. All the lonely feelings and the burning memories. Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door. Burning bridges lost forevermore. Years have passed and I keep thinking, what a fool I've been. I look back into the past and think of way back then. I know that I lost everything I thought that I could win.

  7. Burning bridges behind me G7 C All I want is to forget you somehow D7 Sold the house that we planned together G7 C Said good-bye to the friends we once knew D7 Then I moved to a far away city G7 C Trying hard to forget about you F C Burning bridges behind me G7

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