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  1. While Carolingian architecture drew on earlier Roman and Byzantine styles, it also transformed church façades that would have consequential effects throughout the Middle Ages. Emphasizing the western entrance to the basilica, the westwork was a monumental addition to the church, with two towers and multiple stories, that served as a royal ...

  2. Others have gone on to careers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and Menil Drawing Institute in Houston. Additional information on the graduate program is available from the Department of History of Art and Architecture and requirements for the degree are detailed in GSAS Policies.

  3. L'architecture est traitée à part dans l'article « Architecture byzantine ». Origines [ modifier | modifier le code ] Tout comme l'Empire byzantin est le prolongement politique de l' Empire romain , l'art byzantin se développe à partir de l' art romain , lui-même profondément influencé par l' art grec antique .

  4. Egypt: the Moslem architecture of Cairo; Prof James A. Harrell: Decorative Stones in the pre-Ottoman Islamic Buildings of Cairo; Prisse d'Avennes' plates of architecture in Cairo (with a summary of his life here); Turkey: Ankara, Beyshehir, Bursa, Istanbul, Konya; Some of my books and papers: The Classical Tradition in Art;

  5. Summary of Early Renaissance. At the beginning of the 15 th century, Italy experienced a cultural rebirth, a renaissance that would massively affect all sectors of society. . Turning away from the preceding Gothic and Romanesque periods' iconography, Florentine artists spurred a rejuvenation of the glories of classical art in line with a more humanistic and individualistic emerging contemporary

  6. Art = Discover connections across time and cultures through more than 150 essays and 800 works of art in this book inspired by the Timeline . Get a copy Watch the trailer Learn more

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