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  1. Byzantine School $17 $14 Byzantine Mosaic in Hagia Sophia Photograph Artur Bogacki $27 $22 Christ Pantocrator III Photograph Stephen Stookey $29 $23 Mosaic of Moses loosening sandal on Mt. Horeb or Sinai at God's command from burning bush in Basi... Painting Album $17 $14 Vigin Mary and Infant Jesus - Komnenos Mosaic Photograph Stephen Stookey $29

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  4. Byzantine art stands out as the art of the Byzantine Empire, which located in Istanbul. Even though the Byzantine empire appeared from Rome's refuse and even survived until finally the Drop of Constantinople, a large number of Eastern Traditional says in Eastern Europe, in addition to a few degree the Muslim claims of the eastern Mediterranean, maintained quite a few elements of Byzantine ...

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    A Byzantine Mosaic Roundel, Syria, 5th/6th Century A.D. S Solange Spilimbergo Volpe Byzantine Mosaics Mosaic Tiles Republic Of Macedonia Museum Studies Mosaic Animals Roman Art Heraclea Lyncestis (FYROM) - Mosaic (detail) of the Byzantine cathedral (ca. 5th/6th century CE) Dark Ages Roman Empire Archaeology The Darkest Craft Projects August 2014

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