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  1. Byzantine mosaics can trace their origin to the Greek tradition of road-building, since Greek roads were often made using small pebbles organized into patterns. By the Hellenistic Period, floor and wall art made of natural pebbles was common in both domestic and public spaces.

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    These panels show the influence of the Italian trecento on Byzantine art especially the more natural settings, landscapes, figures. The last Byzantine mosaic work was created for the Hagia Sophia, Constantinople in the middle of the 14th century. The great eastern arch of the cathedral collapsed in 1346, bringing down the third of the main dome.

  3. Byzantine art, architecture, paintings, and other visual arts produced in the Middle Ages in the Byzantine Empire (centred at Constantinople) and in various areas that came under its influence. The pictorial and architectural styles that characterized Byzantine art, first codified in the 6th century, persisted with remarkable homogeneity within the empire until its final dissolution with the ...

  4. Items can be as small as an earring or as large as a house. Today mosaics are still a popular art form. They are used in kitchen glass tile mosaic backsplashes, craft projects, garden art, as fine art, sculpture, park benches and also in public art. With mosaics you can create beautiful art work that is durable and low maintenance.

  5. Offers 3-5 day workshops in contemporary, Byzantine, and Pre-Columbian mosaics. Nina is an award-winning mosaic artist and educator, Ravenna trained with over 20 years experience in contemporary and traditional mosaic.

  6. Introduce the intrinsic beauty of white tiles like our Santa Monica White Tile and give a soothing and classic look to any space. Update your design with a sense of lightness and openness with Lancaster Bianco 3x6 Tile. Shop all white tile styles below.

  7. Art Around the World Kindergarten Students learn to draw shapes, patterns, faces and landscapes by studying Persian miniatures, Japanese prints and Byzantine mosaics. Other projects draw inspiration from artists such as van Gogh and Rousseau. learn more

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