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  1. Byzantine art, architecture, paintings, and other visual arts produced in the Middle Ages in the Byzantine Empire (centred at Constantinople) and in various areas that came under its influence. The pictorial and architectural styles that characterized Byzantine art, first codified in the 6th century, persisted with remarkable homogeneity within the empire until its final dissolution with the ...

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    Early Islamic art, for example in the famous 8th-century mosaics of the Great Mosque of Damascus, often contained plant-scroll patterns, in that case by Byzantine artists in their usual style. The plants most often used are stylized versions of the acanthus , with its emphasis on leafy forms, and the vine, with an equal emphasis on twining stems.

  3. Crafted from marble and tesserae, Mozaico offers the highest quality in handcrafted mosaic wall art and mosaic patterns. Choose from over 7,000 mosaic designs or commission bespoke mosaic art to be hand-crafted by our highly-skilled artisans. Exclusive lifetime warranty and free shipping worldwide.

  4. Santa Costanza is a 4th-century church in Rome, Italy, on the Via Nomentana, which runs north-east out of the city. It is a round building with well preserved original layout and mosaics. It is a round building with well preserved original layout and mosaics.

  5. A hub for fashion research with hundreds of essays on specific artworks, garments and films, the Fashion History Timeline equips students and researchers with essential facts, vocabulary, models of analysis, and links to digitized primary & secondary sources.

  6. The most powerful Christian state in this era was the Byzantine Empire. In their most famous church (see Hagia Sophia from the last era) they put up a mosaic of Jesus. This is one of many mosaics within the church. This is considered the beginning of the Byzantine Renaissance. If you zoomed out, you would see both John the Baptist and the ...

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