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      • C (programming Language) - Wikipedia C (/ s iː /, as in the letter c) is a general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope and recursion, while a static type system prevents many unintended operations.
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  2. C (programming language) - Wikipedia

    C (/ s iː /, as in the letter c) is a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language supporting structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion, while a static type system prevents unintended operations.

  3. The C Programming Language - Wikipedia

    The C Programming Language (sometimes termed K&R, after its authors' initials) is a computer programming book written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, the latter of whom originally designed and implemented the language, as well as co-designed the Unix operating system with which development of the language was closely intertwined.

  4. C Sharp (programming language) - Wikipedia

    C# (pronounced see sharp, like the musical note C♯, but written with the number sign) is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language encompassing strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented (class-based), and component-oriented programming disciplines.

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  5. C (programming language) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    The C programming language is a computer programming language that was developed to do system programming for the operating system UNIX and is an imperative programming language. C was developed in the early 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs.

  6. C++ - Wikipedia

    As of 2019, C++ is now the fourth most popular programming language, behind Java, C, and Python. On January 3, 2018, Stroustrup was announced as the 2018 winner of the Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering, "for conceptualizing and developing the C++ programming language".

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  7. List of C-family programming languages - Wikipedia

    A combination of many features from a number of languages, but follows the original C programming language most closely in terms of basic concepts. Lite-C: 2007: Atari Inc: A programming language for multimedia applications and personal computer games, using a syntax subset of the C language with some elements of the C++ language. Newsqueak ...

  8. Programming language - Wikipedia

    The source code for a simple computer program written in the C programming language. When compiled and run, it will give the output "Hello, world!". A programming language is a formal language, which comprises a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms. Most programming languages consist of ...

  9. The C++ Programming Language - Wikipedia

    The C++ Programming Language is a computer programming book first published in October 1985. It was the first book to describe the C++ programming language, written by the language's creator, Bjarne Stroustrup.

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  10. C Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

    C Programming is a featured book on Wikibooks because it contains substantial content, it is well-formatted, and the Wikibooks community has decided to feature it on the main page or in other places.

  11. C Sharp (programming language) - Simple English Wikipedia ...

    C# (pronounced "see sharp") is a computer programming language.It is developed by Microsoft.It was created to use all capacities of .NET platform.The first version was released in 2001.

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