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      • a person who takes part in a form of mixed martial arts (= a sport involving many different types of fighting) in which two people fight against each other in an area surrounded by bars or wire: Her new boyfriend used to be a cage fighter. He's switched career and become a professional cage fighter.
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  2. English dictionary definition of CAGE FIGHTER along with additional meanings, example sentences, and different ways to say. ... Dictionary & Synonyms. UK English ...

  3. 13 Cage fighting synonyms. What are another words for Cage fighting? Martial art, aikido, jujitsu. Full list of synonyms for Cage fighting is here.

  4. cag, caganer, Cagayan de Oro, cage, cage bird, cage fighting, cageling, cager, cagey, cage zone melting, cag-handed

  5. Another way to say Cage Fight? Synonyms for Cage Fight (other words and phrases for Cage Fight).

  6. Synonyms for cage. coop, corral, hutch, pen, pound.

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