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    The California Republic (Spanish: La República de California), or Bear Flag Republic, was an unrecognized breakaway state from Mexico, that for 25 days in 1846 militarily controlled an area north of San Francisco, in and around what is now Sonoma County in California.

    Events surrounding the Bear Flag Revolt
    August 16, 1845
    John C. Frémont, leading a U.S. Army topographical expedition to survey the Great Basin in Alta California (approved earlier in the year by President Polk), departed from Bent's Fort in what is now Colorado.
    Oct 1845
    Frémont's expedition reached the Salt Lake.
    October 17, 1845
    Secretary of State James Buchanan dispatched a secret message to U.S. Consul Thomas Larkin in Monterey instructing him to take advantage of any sign of unrest among the Californians.
    October 30, 1845
    President James K. Polk met with Lt. Archibald Gillespie to send him on a secret mission to California. He departed for Vera Cruz, Mexico, on November 16 carrying orders for Commodore John D. Sloat, commander of the Navy's Pacific Squadron, instructions for Larkin, and letters for Frémont.
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    California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States.With over 39.3 million residents across a total area of approximately 163,696 square miles (423,970 km 2), it is the most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area, as well as the world's thirty-fourth-most-populous subnational entity.

    • 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km²)
    • 45 Democrats, 6 Republicans, 2 Vacant, (list)
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  4. Republic of Baja California - Wikipedia

    The Republic of Baja California was a proposed state from 1853 to 1854, after American private military leader William Walker failed to invade Sonora from Arizona.Walker wanted to appropriate Sonora, and his claims had both the support of tycoons and government complacency in the United States.

    • 143,390 km² (55,360 sq mi)
    • La Paz
  5. Republic of California (The Many Nations of North America ...

    The Republic of California consists of the former US states of California and Nevada. It is presently interested in acquiring Baja California from Mexico. History. In 1846, California gained independence from Mexico a month before the Mexican-American War, and was later occupied by the US.

  6. New California - Wikipedia

    New Californian Republic, a fictional country in the game Fallout: New Vegas Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title New California .

  7. California Republic (mixtape) - Wikipedia

    California Republic is the thirteenth mixtape by rapper Game hosted by DJ Skee.The mixtape was released April 5, 2012 in anticipation of Game's upcoming fifth album, and follows the highly successful mixtape Purp and Patron in 2011.

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    The history of the Republic dates back to the survivors of Vault 15 who emerged from the shelter around 2097 and founded the town of Shady Sands. With the assistance of Vault Dweller, who destroyed the Khan raider tribe, Aradesh and his daughter, Tandi, led the community into prosperity. With expanding trade routes came cultural exchange, eventually culminating in a movement aiming at forming a national entity. The idea resonated with other wastelanders and won popular support, leading to the...

    Abstractly, the NCR represents progress; while tribals and other wastelanders scratch out a meager existence, citizens of the NCR enjoy the wasteland luxuries of a steady economy, healthcare, laws, and legitimate government, not to mention the largest military to ensure they have a shot at more than just survival. The large population of the New California Republic means it is composed of a highly diverse number of individuals, from highly refined inhabitants of the Republic's grand urban cen...

    The New California Republic is a federal unicameral parliamentary republic based on the principle of representative democracy, established as the successor of the pre-War United States. The executive branch is the Council, headed by the President of the New California Republic and their Vice-President, elected by the Congress.The Congress, also known as the Senate, forms the legislative branch and is a unicameral parliament staffed by representatives elected in popular elections by citizens o...

    Subordinated to the President and the Congress, the military of the Republic is one of its most distinguishing elements. The core component, the Army, has between tens and hundreds of thousands of servicemen, either volunteers or draftees, organized into divisions and battalions, equipped with standardized weapons and armor, and with varying degrees of training and competence. They are the proverbial sledgehammer, a tool used to crush enemies of the Republic and build order in the lands under...

    Many people in the western wastelands have mixed feelings about the NCR. Some people strongly support the Republic's goals of spreading democracy and the rule of law, and others vehemently oppose their methods of \\"controlling\\" everything they come into contact with. With wastelanders who were used to having no more than a mayor or sheriff now suddenly being part of a complex political structure and having to pay taxes, some view it as a loss of the frontier lifestyles that once defined them....

    Overall, the Republic can be readily described as the most advanced entity in the post-nuclear North America. While smaller organizations do possess more advanced weapons, armor, or tools (like the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, or the Shi), no one can rival the Republic's agriculture, industry, economy, and military, with the sole exception of the Caesar's Legion or pre-War Brotherhood of Steel. The keystone of the Republic's economic might are its brahmin herds and arable land, painstakingl...

    The New California Republic was first mentioned in the Fallout end cutscenes for Shady Sands and it first appeared in Fallout 2, and was to appear again in the canceled Van Buren project. In Fallout 3, it is mentioned in a terminal of the Citadel. It appears once more in Fallout: New Vegas as one of the major factions fighting over the control of the Mojave Wasteland. It also appears in Lonesome Road and is mentioned in Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Old World Blues by various characters. In...

    1. In Chris Avellone's Fallout Bible 6, a version of the NCR flag with a one-headed bear, based on the old flag of the California Republic, is shown. It is inconsistent with Fallout 2, where a two-headed bear can be clearly seen. The flag seen in Fallout: New Vegas is a combination of both versions, as it shows a two-headed bear, but the rest of the flag looks like it does in the Fallout Bible. 2. Follows-Chalk believes that the NCR is a tribe called \\"Enseeyar,\\" also calling them \\"The Sunset...

  9. california republic : definition of california republic and ... republic/en-en
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    When war between the United States and Mexico became likely in 1846, former general, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, began inciting the people of California to revolt against Mexico.[dubious – discuss][citation needed] When U.S. Army Major John C. Frémont arrived in California claiming to be on a mission to find a route to the Pacific (his mission officially was to find the source of the Arkansas River), he began encouraging a parallel rebellion among the Anglo-American settlers. As a result, thirty-three settlers in Sonoma, assisted by volunteers from among the American settlers and Vacqueros from the many haciendas, in the Sacramento River valley, captured the Mexican garrison of Sonoma and raised a homemade flag with a bear and star (the "Bear Flag") to symbolize their taking control. The words "California Republic" appeared on the flag but were never officially adopted by the insurgents. Their actions were later called the "Bear Flag Revolt."[1] As part of the Sonoma garrison, the re...

    The most notable legacy of the "California Republic" was the adoption of its flag as the basis of the modern state Flag of California. The modern flag has a star, a grizzly bear, and a colored stripe with the words "California Republic". The Sonoma Plaza, site of the raising of the original Bear Flag, is marked by a California Historical Landmark.[citation needed] The original Bear Flag was designed and made by William L. Todd, who was a first cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln,[5] wife of president Abraham Lincoln. Todd painted the flag on domestic cotton cloth, roughly a yard and a half in length. It featured a red star based on the California Lone Star Flag that was flown during California's 1836 revolt led by Juan Alvarado and Isaac Graham.[6] The flag also featured an image of a grizzly bear statant (standing). The modern flag shows the bear passant (walking).[citation needed] The original Bear Flag was destroyed in the fires following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. A replica, cre...

    William B. Ide wrote a proclamation of independence on the night of June 14–15, 1846, and read it on the fifteenth:[7]

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  10. Jefferson (proposed Pacific state) - Wikipedia

    This region on the Pacific Coast is the most famous of several that have sought to adopt the name of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.Jefferson, who sent the Lewis and Clark expedition into the Pacific Northwest in 1803, envisioned the establishment of an independent nation in the western portion of North America that he dubbed the "Republic of the Pacific"; hence ...

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