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  1. Apr 29, 2022 · My point in my post is that you’re setup should dictate the putters lie and length, not some predetermined theory. If your setup is CORRECT it should dictate putter lie and length. Yours obviously is. If your setup is causing a repeated miss, then it could be fixed through a fitting. 1.

  2. Jul 26, 2022 · In our first episode of the Play Smart Podcast, we break down what makes 2022 Open Champion Cam Smith one of the best putters in history.

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    • cameron smith putter lie angle calculator2
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  3. Feb 29, 2024 · Putter Lie Angle. Putter lie angle is the angle formed between the club head (when resting flat on the ground) and the shaft. Typically, the standard putter lie angle is about 70 degrees. Importantly, the lie angle influences your putting technique, stance, and posture, which ultimately impacts your performance on the greens.

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    Being able to putt well needs a lot of practice and some natural ability to be able to read the line of the putt, as well as have a natural ‘feel’. But having said that, the putter itself is just as important. If you are not using a putter built specifically for you and your stroke, you will have a much harder time making putts. Below we will answe...

    Having the correct lie angle with your putter will ensure solid contact and the correct starting lie. These are the two main aspects when it comes to putting, so you can imagine having the correct lie angle has the utmost importance. Being able to start the ball on line and strike it out of the middle of the face will help you with direction and sp...

    Whenever I have been for a putter fitting, the main thing we focus on is getting the putter bent to the correct loft and lie before I even start putting with the putter. As I have been around for a while I know what my loft and lie needs to be with a putter, this helps me start the ball on line, have a consistent roll and speed.

    If you see no gap, this means you have the correct lie angle. This means you will have the best chance to start the ball at your intended target, strike the ball out of the center of the putter and have the correct speed on your putts.

    The only way to find out what lie angle your putter is to check it on a putter bending machine, similar to an iron bending machine, your putter gets clamped into the machine, from there you are able to check the loft and lie angle of your putter, and if needed bend it to your specs. Unfortunately, there is no other way to check your putter lie angl...

    Firstly, your face angle will be pointing slightly to the left, this will cause the ball to start left of your intended starting line, forcing you to push your putts. This will cause inconsistencies with your stroke. Secondly, it will affect your speed and roll. Your speed will be affected because you will not be striking the ball out of the center...

    It will also affect your speed and roll. Your speed will be affected because you will not be striking the ball out of the center of the putter, rather towards the bottom. Your roll will be affected, the ball will bounce more than it should on the green, also affecting your speed. When your lie angle is too flat or too upright not only does it affec...

    You place the putter in the device and clamp it down, you have to make sure the putter is sitting flush with the machine or the readings will be off, from there you measure the loft and lie angle, and bend it accordingly with a bending rod or pole. We highly recommend letting someone with experience do this, as it is very easy to break the hosel.

    When bending a putter you do not bend the actual shaft, but rather the hosel of the putter. This is where the shaft connects to the putter. The shaft itself does not get bent.

    The best putters in the world will never have their eyes past the ball, either directly over the ball or slightly on the inside. Our advice, get a putting mirror and see where your eyes line up, start with your eyes directly over the ball, from there move them slightly inside if needed and find your sweet spot. This will be the best spot for your e...

  4. Nov 30, 2022 · Smith’s putter is a prototype 009M Scotty Cameron, with a blacked-out dot on the topline and a slant neck for slightly more toe hang. Interestingly, in a recent interview with Golf Digest, Smith ...

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  6. Mar 14, 2022 · Winner of the 2022 Open Championship and the 2022 Player's Championship !!!Cameron Smith makes his living on the PGA Tour around the greens — an impressive s...

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