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    • Short Pouring. Probably the most common method of ripping you off. The bartender simply pours less than the required amount of liquor – usually right in front of your eyes.
    • Picking up Change. Happens all the time – especially in a very busy bar where the customers are getting pretty well tuned up. It’s a simple method of ripping you off, and can be avoided by simply counting the change that you receive back from your drink purchase.
    • Pouring House Liquor, Charging for Call Liquor. You order a Beefeater and tonic. The bartender pours you a gin and tonic using the inexpensive house liquor – yet charges you that extra $2 or $3 dollars for the ‘call drink.’
    • Over Charging. This is a very simple, common method to steal from you. The bartender simply quotes you the price of the drink and then rings up a smaller amount on the cash register.
  1. Nov 19, 2013 · Nov. 21, 2013— -- intro: People head to their local watering holes to let loose, blow off steam, knock a few back, get their drink on, but you might want to think twice before paying $10 for that second vodka-cranberry. Because whoever has the alcohol is in control, and the man behind the bar could be ripping you off.

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  3. Here are some ways that your bartender could be tricking you out of your money. Overdoing It On The Ice Keriss101 Ask for a water at the bar, they’ll give you a full cup of water with two ice cubes max. Ask for a vodka cranberry and they’ll give you a cup of ice with some cranberry juice on the side and a splash of vodka.

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