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  1. Patrol Guide section 215-13 states that “the desires of school personnel may be considered” by a police officer in determining whether a student arrest is warranted and that “the views of school personnel are NOT controlling.” (capitalization in original) This provision is clearly at odds with Patrol Guide sections 215-16 and 215-17 and ...

  2. Apr 25, 2013 · "A private individual can't make a traffic stop and security officers are private individuals. The only person that can stop a motor vehicle is a law enforcement officer," said Ward.

    • Jodie Fleischer
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  4. Sep 02, 2017 · The officer did not overstep "his bounds". You did not have to be asked to leave first or be given a warning. Just because you are not aware of the park rules doesn't provide an excuse for violating them.

  5. However, an officer can overstep the permissible bounds of the Constitution when he or she takes a more active role in the repossessions or does an affirmative act that aids or facilitates the repossession. The court quoted the Ninth Circuits holding in Howerton v. Gieda and stated

  6. The law allows police officers to suddenly activate and become "on-duty" if necessary, meaning that they can take action when private guards can't. Where a guard might only be able to deter someone until the police arrive, off-duty officers can resolve a problem by arresting a person or using their training to deescalate the situation.

  7. First, a police officer must have a valid reason for stopping your car. If after they stop your car, they see illegal items in plain view police may be able to collect that evidence and later use it against you. This means if a police officer walks up to the vehicle and sees narcotics, he can seize them.

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