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      • Depending on your academic experience, a bachelor’s degree may not necessarily prepare you the rigors of seminary. It really does depend on what your degree was and the types of liberal arts classes that you took in college. I know I did not write many papers in college.
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  2. Can I Go to Seminary Without a Bachelor's Degree? - The ... › 2018 › 08

    Aug 06, 2018 · In years past, getting a seminary degree didn’t necessarily mean graduate work. What we now know as the quintessential seminary degree, the Master of Divinity (MDiv), was previously offered as a Bachelor’s in Divinity, or some such undergraduate equivalent. As the educational landscape shifted, seminaries began focusing on graduate programs with an expectation that everyone would be coming in with a four-year undergraduate degree.

  3. How to Get into a Seminary PhD Program Without an Accredited ... › christian-truth › how-to-get

    Jun 27, 2013 · Finally, it is possible to get into a reputable seminary PhD program with an unaccredited Bachelor’s degree, but the road is longer and harder. I recommend you pursue an accredited Bachelor’s degree. If you already have an unaccredited Bachelor’s degree, pursue your masters degrees with confidence. Earn the best grades possible (without neglecting your family and other responsibilities).

  4. Does one have to get a BA in theology do get into seminary ... › Does-one-have-to-get-a-BA-in

    In the US system, to enter major seminary (the MDiv. program), you need a Bachelors, but it can be in anything as long as you have 24 credits philosophy and 12 credits theology or are willing to spend an extra year or so earning these (36 credits can be done in two or three semesters).

  5. Bachelor's Degree Required for Seminary? | The Puritan Board › threads › bachelors-degree

    The presbytery shall therefore license a candidate only if he has received a bachelor of arts degree, or its academic equivalent, from a college or university of reputable academic standing, and has completed an adequate course of study lasting at least one year and a half in a theological seminary.

  6. Admissions Policies – Wesley Biblical Seminary › admissions › admissions-policies

    Students who are allowed to begin seminary without bachelor’s degree are placed on a probationary non-degree track. After completing four courses towards their intended degree, a student can apply for full admission. During the probationary period, students admitted under this process are not eligible for federal loans or institutional ...

  7. Seminary Track | Boyce College › academics › programs-of-study

    For students considering the Seminary Track, there are two paths to gain entrance into the program: Track 1 - Standard Entry (following one year of study at Boyce) Students desiring to pursue the Seminary Track after their first year at Boyce may pursue admittance into the program after completing a minimum of 24 credit hours.

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    related to: can i get into seminary with a bachelor's degree program