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    What are the top languages spoken in Canada?

    What is Canada's other official language besides French?

    What are the two major languages of Canada?

    How many languages do you speak in Canada?

  2. Apr 12, 2018 · Are the Official Languages Used Throughout Canada? The Canadian federal government is committed to advancing the equality of status and use of the English and French languages within Canadian society and provides support to the development of English and French linguistic minority communities. However, the reality is that most Canadians speak English, and of course, many Canadians speak another language entirely.

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  3. Currently, Canada is home to some five or more sign languages (that number rising with the probability that Plains Sign Talk is actually a language family with several languages under its umbrella), belonging to four to six distinct language families, those being: French Sign Language family, BANZSL family, the Plains Sign family, the Inuit Sign isolate, perhaps the Coast Salish Sign isolate, and perhaps a Plateau Sign family composed of Secwepemcékst and Ktunaxa Sign Language.

  4. Languages - Languages Learn more about our official languages as well as the variety of Indigenous languages spoken nationwide. Services and information Official languages and bilingualism Learn about the history and importance of official languages, English and French linguistic minority communities and bilingualism.

    • English speakers vs. French speakers. As discussed in the people chapter, the majority of Canadians trace their ancestry to somewhere in the British Isles, and 17.2 million Canadians, or about 50 per cent of the population, claim English as their first and only language.
    • Canadian English. Canadian English is mostly a mix of American-style pronunciations and a complex mix of British and American spelling, with a few uniquely Canadian flourishes that fit into neither tradition.
    • Canadian French. The fact that Canada has not had substantial amounts of French immigration since the 18th century is reflected in the unique form of French that is spoken by the seven million Canadians who learned it as their first language.
    • Official Bilingualism in Canada. Until the 1950s, it was generally taken for granted that Canada was an English-speaking country where it was proper for English to be the dominant language of business, government and culture.
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    Canada is the northernmost country in North America and has a population size of approximately 35.15 million. This population has been formed by a large number of indigenous groups, European colonizers, and recent immigrants. Together, these individuals have created a rich cultural environment in the country, with a diverse range of customs practic...

    Of these many languages, only French and English have been given official status by the federal government of Canada. All public services, legislative decisions, and court proceedings are held in both French and English. Approximately 56.9% of the population of Canada speaks English as a native language, while 21.3% speak French as a first language...

    Cree is spoken by approximately 120,000 individuals, making it the most common indigenous language in Canada. This Algonquian language can be heard throughout Canada, stretching from Labrador to the Northwest Territories. It is considered an official language by the provincial government of the Northwest Territories and by the regional government o...

    Inuktitut has around 32,000 native speakers across the northernmost areas of Canada. It is one of the official languages of the Nunavut province and considered one of the most important Inuit languages in this country. This term is also used to refer to the education of the Inuit culture, which occurs informally at home and in daily life.

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