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  1. Blue King’s cane Corso puppies receive the best care , treatment, and diet in their time with us. All the dogs live indoors where they have heat and air conditioning. Your Blue Kings Cane Corso puppy will be up to date with all shots, worming, and vaccinations.

  2. Few breeders can compete with CastleGuard Cane Corso in AKC titling. To date, we have produced well over 100 AKC titled Corsos! We hold the record of Reproduction Championships produced. Every year, CastleGuard has a top 10 AKC corso. We produced the only American Born Corso to earn multi-Championships and win Best in Show in the EU.

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    The Cane Corso, also referred to as an Italian Mastiff, is a large dog breed that originated in Italy. It is a descendant of dogs the Romans used in warfare and was commonly used as a guard dog and to hunt big game. The AKC recognized the Cane Corso in 2010 as part of the working group.

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    Jul 27, 2021 · The cost to buy a Cane Corso Mastiff varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Cane Corso Mastiff puppies for sale sell for below.

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    Find Cane Corso Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Cane Corso information. All Cane Corso found here are from AKC-Registered parents.

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    Cane Corso puppies for sale - Lifetime Health Guarantee! Advice from breed experts to make a safe choice. Only guaranteed quality, healthy puppies.

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    1 mix Cane corso puppies. 10 and a half weeks, 11 weeks Tuesday. 1 black boy left. Very friendly and raised around children. 10 already gone to their new homes and getting on really well. Also up to date with worming. Dad is full Cane corso from R Age Age: 10 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: Now

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    The Cane Corso made its way to the United States in 1988, but the breed wasn't recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) until 2010. Temperament: Given the right home and training, the Cane Corso is an even-tempered, devoted family companion. Due to their intelligence and slightly bossy nature, Cane Corsos require a firm hand when it comes ...

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    The Cane Corso is an intimidating breed at first glance, with a muscular body and large head. Corsi come from Italy, where they were employed largely as guard and hunting dogs because of their power, courage and willingness to work.

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    This is a litter of 11 Cane Corso puppies that are five weeks old. A mix of grey and black, in male and female. We have the parents, which are our family pets. Ensuring that these puppies go to forever loving homes, is my priority. Before being invited to view the puppies, I will ask

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