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  1. We Ranked Every Cannibal Corpse Album Cover by the Length of ... › blog › we-ranked-every-cannibal

    Mar 15, 2020 · Due to our intense masochism, we ranked every Cannibal Corpse album cover based on how long we cried in the shower after seeing it. 14. “Kill”- Arguably the most pedestrian cover from this band, the artwork simply displays the band logo, the album name (Kill), with a few faint splashes of red to signify blood (Kill, get it?).

  2. Paul Mazurkiewicz Ranks Cannibal Corpse Album Covers From ... › 2021/03/02 › paul-mazurkiewicz

    Mar 02, 2021 · The uncensored version of the cover for the band’s new album, Violence Unimagined, is an instant all-timer too. It would appear that poor baby was alive when the not-so-nice lady with all the teeth tore into it. Something similar happens early on in Garth Ennis’ Crossed and it seriously fucked me up for life.

  3. Cannibal Corpse: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best — Kerrang! › features › every-cannibal-corpse
    • Butchered At Birth (1991) Just…disgusting. While some bands have a sophomore slump, Cannibal Corpse used their second album to up the ante on everything that made them unique.
    • Kill (2006) You would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect modern death metal album than 2006’s Kill. From the band’s urgent guitars, to Erik Rutan’s vibrant production, to Corpsegrinder’s infuriated bark, to the beautifully simple album title, to Vincent Locke’s insanely detailed leering madman art, this one has it all.
    • Tomb Of The Mutilated (1992) Even if one ignores the timeless, unstoppable assault of opener Hammer Smashed Face, 1992’s Tomb Of The Mutilated is one of Cannibal Corpse’s finest moments.
    • The Bleeding (1994) In many ways, The Bleeding is Cannibal Corpse’s ​“mainstream” album (as mainstream as dudes who sing about entrails being ripped from cunts get, anyway), in that it probably contains the most songs of any CC album that fans will know offhand.
  4. Cannibal Corpse - Wikipedia › wiki › Cannibal_Corpse

    All ten of Cannibal Corpse's albums, the live album Live Cannibalism, the boxed set 15 Year Killing Spree, the EP Worm Infested, and the single "Hammer Smashed Face" were re-released in Australia between 2006 and 2007, finally classified by ARIA and allowed for sale in Australia. However, they are all "restricted" and only sold to those over 18 ...

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  6. Cannibal Corpse (album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Cannibal_Corpse_(album)

    Cannibal Corpse is the debut demo by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse. The demo is the predecessor to Cannibal Corpse's debut full-length album Eaten Back to Life and all the songs were re-recorded for that album. Although the correct title of the demo is simply "Cannibal Corpse", the demo is commonly referred to as "A Skull Full of ...

    • Dennis Fura, Cannibal Corpse
    • May 2, 1989
  7. Behind the Cover: CANNIBAL CORPSE - Violence Unimagined › post › behind-the-cover

    Cannibal Corpse covers, like the mentioned ‘Butchered At Birth’, ‘Eaten Back To Life‘ (1990), and really anything from your 90’s era have shocked thousands, if not millions, through various grotesque means.

  8. The 10 Most Disturbing Metal Album Covers - Popdust › disturbing-album-covers
    • "The Codex Necro" by Anaal Nathrakh. The Codex Necro cover. The British extreme metal band is no stranger to grotesque imagery, but the cover for The Codex Necro is truly terrifying.
    • "Inhuman Grotesqueries" by Malignancy. Toying with the universal fear surrounding surgery and devious surgeons, Malignancy's Inhuman Grotesqueries cover art features a row of colorfully deformed surgery patients, one of which has awoken to find he has several more ears.
    • "Release from Agony" by Destruction. The third album from the German thrash metal outfit, Release from Agony's album cover features a disturbed character who appears to be anything but released from agony.
    • "Mondo Medicale" by Impaled. Impaled "Mondo Medicale" The death metal group's name serves as an acronym for "Immoral Medical Practitioners and Licentious Evil-Doers," and the album cover for their sophomore effort, Mondo Medicale, drives this point home.
  9. 20 Album Covers That Were Banned Or Censored — Kerrang! › features › 20-album-covers-that
    • Guns N' Roses – Appetite For Destruction. Guns N’ Roses’ debut initially featured a robotic rapist and his victim, with the robot about to meet his own justice from a flying metal monster.
    • Slayer – Christ Illusion. The graphic imagery featuring a mutilated Christ surrounded by severed heads led to some retailers refusing to stock the album, and it being recalled across the whole of India.
    • Cannibal Corpse – Butchered At Birth. Where to start with Cannibal Corpse? All their albums were banned in Germany until the mid-’90s due to graphic artwork and content, and some were banned or restricted in other territories including Russia and Canada at different times.
    • Jane's Addiction – Nothing's Shocking. This was also covered in paper – this time brown – when the majority of U.S. record store chains disagreed with the title and refused to stock it.
  10. The 10 Goriest Album Covers – OC Weekly › the-10-goriest-album-covers-6585917

    Oct 15, 2013 · The 10 Goriest Album Covers. ... Tomb of the Mutilated by Cannibal Corpse (1992) This third album by Cannibal Corpse took extreme, graphic, brutal and disturbing to another level. The gruesome ...

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