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    The Eastern Zhou ( / dʒoʊ /; [1] Chinese: 東周; pinyin: Dōngzhōu; Wade–Giles: Tung1-chou1; 771–256 [2] BC) is a period of Chinese history, approximately the second half of the Zhou dynasty, following the Western Zhou period.

  2. Carol’s Bun (139 E. Broadway, Lower East Side) is a friendly and informal café serving Chinese pastries and daily over-rice specials, while Hua Rong (83-23 Broadway, Elmhurst), named after a ...

  3. Eastern Zhou. In 771 BC, with the death of King You, the last king of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty began. Xuan Jiu, the son of King You, established the dynasty in 770 BC, and moved the capital to Luoyi (present-day Luoyang, Henan Province). Over 25 emperors have reigned over the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, lasting 515 years in all.

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  5. Eastern Zhou (Chinese: 東周) was an ancient Chinese state during the Warring States period. Its capital was Gong (鞏), located just southwest of present-day Gongyi, a county-level city in Zhengzhou of Henan Province. Duke Hui of Western Zhou (西周惠公) succeeded his father Duke Wei in 367 BC. His younger brother Prince Gen (公子根 ...

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  6. Jul 1, 2020 · The Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE) was among the most culturally significant of the early Chinese dynasties and the longest lasting of any in China 's history, divided into two periods: Western Zhou (1046-771 BCE) and Eastern Zhou (771-256 BCE). It followed the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1046 BCE), and preceded the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE, pronounced ...

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  8. Jun 15, 2021 · The city wall of ancient Linzi, capital of the Warring States period state of Qi, was built by the Zi and Xishui Rivers. It consisted of an outer and an inner city, with a total size of about 16 square kilometres. The outer city was built no earlier than the late Spring and Autumn period.

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