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  1. Apr 29, 2019 · Math majors diverge into two distinct career paths: While some may work in academia as math researchers, others work in diverse industry roles. The industry path is far more common than academic research, Goulding says. Industry roles vary greatly and the opportunities are endless based on your interests.

    • Kristin Burnham
    • Operations Research Analyst. Every day, business professionals face difficult decisions, and they may enlist the help of an operations research analyst for the ones that are most crucial.
    • Statistical Consultant. Mathematics graduates who enjoy exploring new data and diverse problems may seek employment as a statistical consultant. These professionals provide solutions to challenges in an array of fields and industries by applying statistical methods.
    • Financial Analyst. When making financial and investment decisions, many people turn to financial analysts for their expertise. These professionals examine data, follow trends, and recommend strategies that complement their client’s financial goals.
    • Mathematician. Mathematicians apply their specialized knowledge to solve both real-world and theoretical problems. By analyzing information, identifying trends, and refining models, they offer data-driven solutions.
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  3. Nov 3, 2022 · Careers Careers in Mathematics. Mathematics plays a role, to some extent, in almost everything - particularly in all the sciences, engineering and technology, and business and economics. Statistics moreover plays a large role in the social sciences, and mathematics is a fundamental subject in educational institutions.

  4. Math Careers Presentation (.pdf) Class presentation covering a number of interesting math-related careers. Click here to download Career Talk.

  5. Mathematics and Statistics Some career paths need mathematics and or statistics (engineering, physics). Others (such as financial or biological) are enhanced by selected knowledge in mathematics and particularly statistics. Someone with high level training in MS has all quantitative careers open to them. 13 Do More Mathematics!!

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