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  1. Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands and much more.

  2. The bot itself is wonderful, makes moderating so simple and it's easy to set up if you know what you're doing, although the issues arise when carl is offline (once a week if you're lucky) and different aspects of their bot stop working (such as tracking invites) > anyhoo, what I'd really like to know, is where did they acquire their pronounced staff team for their so called, 'support' server.

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    Carl-bot 4 109 upvotes in January Add Carl-bot Upvote Carl-bot. Custom commands, reaction role assignment, twitch, starboard, polls, highlights, moderation, logging ...

  4. Check out the reaction roles page There is an example at the bottom of the page of me setting up reaction roles for my bot server that a lot of people seem to find useful. How do I actually configure the bot? Use the website! at it's much easier than doing it with commands.

  5. Online Dashboard. Access Carlbot’s dashboard from a web browser at your computer, on your tablet; even from your phone. Includes a simple-to-use embed builder with color picker for simple jobs or custom colors for those of you that need it. Manage the bot's prefix and nickname. Welcome/farewell messages (with embeds)

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    Multipurpose bot packed with features - Meet Carlbot Before, you needed a bot for stream announcements, a bot for custom commands, a bot for role management, and on and on…

  7. Oct 11, 2021 · What is Carl Bot. In addition to managing logs, storing conversations, and creating response roles like many other Discord server bots accessible online, the Carl Bot is a very sophisticated bot. Auto MoD is also improved by not allowing spam, attachments, or links to be posted and penalising those that do so.

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