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    Early life

    It was implied that Cletus Kasady was abused as a child. This is possibly what lead Kasady to become an insane and dangerous criminal.


    The Carnage symbiote is naturally weakened by intense sounds and intense sonic waves. The symbiote can also be weakened by fire and intense heat.

    Cletus Kasady had a troubled childhood. He killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, and tortured his mother's dog, Fifi. Afterward, his father killed his mother, and received no defense from Kasady during his trial. As an orphan, Kasady was sent to the St. Estes Home for Boys, where his antisocial behavior made him a target of abuse from both the other orphans and the staff. Kasady gained revenge by murdering the disciplinarian administration, pushing a girl who refused a date with him in front of a bus and burning down the orphanage. As an adult Cletus Kasady became a serial killer. He was arrest and sent to Ryker's Island after killing seven people - though he bragged about killing a dozen more - where he shared a cell with Eddie Brock. The symbiote later found Brock at Ryker's and re-bonded to Brock once again turning him into Venom. Venom then escaped Ryker's Island. However, unknown to Eddie Brock the symbiote was pregnant and gave birth to another symbiot...

    1. Venom Returns 2. Carnage

    1. World's Apart, Part One 2. World's Apart Part Two 3. Where Evil Nests 4. Deadly Choices 5. One is the Loneliest Number 6. Destiny Unleashed, Part One

    Unlike Venom, Carnage refers to himself as "I" instead of "we". Spider-Man explained that it is because Cletus Kasady's insane mind was able to completely bond to the symbiote.
    Had a sixth season been produced Madame Web would have taken Spider-Man to 19th century London to find Mary Jane Watson. While in that time period Spider-Man would have fought Carnage who would hav...
    In Spider-Man: Unlimited, Carnage was voiced by Michael Donovan.
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  2. Carnage (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) | Monster ...

    Carnage is the combination of the psychotic Cletus Kasady and the alien offspring of the Venom symbiote. While traveling on the John Jameson Space Probe the Venom Symbiote spawned an offspring. Dormammu got his assistant Baron Mordo to divert the rocket so that it would crash on Earth returning the two symbiotes. Upon their arrival on the planet the two symbiotes attach themselves to a nearby ...

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    At Stark Enterprises, Carnage is preparing to kill Spider-Man. However, he is stopped by Venom who says that he wants to kill Spider-Man himself. Venom and Carnage get into a fight. However, Baron Mordo's astral form appears before them and he orders Venom and Carnage to stop fighting. Baron Mordo then orders Venom and Carnage to bring the Inter-Dimensional Probe back to him. As Mordo vanishes Carnage tells Venom that he was lucky and that Mordo won't always be around to save him. Venom and Carnage then leave with the Inter-Dimensional Probe. As they leave Ashley Kafkashouts at Venom and begs him to come back. With Spider-Man still unconscious J. Jonah Jameson walks up to him and starts to remove his mask. However, Jameson is stopped by War Machine who aims a laser gun at him. War Machine then tells Jameson that he is trespassing. Jameson tries showing War Machine that the has a press pass. However, War Machine grabs the press pass and crumbles it up. Jameson then walks away. As Spi...

    As preparation for his role as Carnage, John Semper Jr. gave Scott Cleverdon a collected edition of the 1993 comic book series, Maximum Carnage.
    James Avery and Robert Hays both reprised their roles of War Machine and Iron Man from Iron Man: The Animated Series.

    A review by Amazing Spidey from Marvel Animation Age Concluding from where Venom Returns left off, the episode took a more mystic turn thanks largely unneeded presence of Dormammu. It also had a large number of fight scenes, although the story didn't suffer for it. The fights were always give and take in this series, some of them were pretty cool, despite the censors, whilst others were embarrassingly bad, mostly due to some dodgy editing and poor timing. One of, if not the most annoying things about this show was that when it was good, it was arguably the best show on TV. When it was bad? It was absolutely terrible, almost to the point of being unwatchable. The cast was especially large, considering we had Spidey, Venom, Carnage, Iron Man, Mordo, Dr. Kafka and Dormammu to contend with, which is a shame because the symbiotes were the best part, and Dormammu and Mordo aren't really all that interesting. I really don't think they had any place here. They worked well enough in Doctor S...

    (Carnage forms the symbiote into an ax on his hand.) "Guess I could say you axed for this Web-Man." 1. -Carnage "Stop! Spider-Man is ours! and ours alone!" 1. -Venom "Youmay be our spawn, but that wont keep us from destroying you!" 1. -Venom "Stop this petty squabble! The mastercommands you to bring back the inner-dimensional machine. The Dread Dormammu made you both what you are and you agreed to help him! Do you dare go back on your word?" "The heck with my word, man. I'm gonna bring this back. I can't wait to see the horrors Dormammu's gonna commit when he gets here." 1. -Baron Mordo & Carnage "Youwere lucky this time. Mordo won't always be around to save your hide." 1. -Carnage (J. Jonah Jameson starts to remove Spider-Man's mask.) "Hold it! I think he looks good in a mask." "What are you doing? I'm a journalist." "You're also trespassing." "Trespassing? That's ridiculous. Here's my press badge." (War Machine grabs J. Jonah Jameson's press badge and crumbles it up.) "I don't see...

  4. Spider-Carnage | Marvel Animated Universe Wiki | Fandom
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    Little is known about the early life of this version of Peter Parker. It can be assumed that his life followed the primary universe version.At some point, Aunt May had died putting Peter Parker into a state of grief. She was buried next to Uncle Ben.Spider-Man was cloned by Miles Warren. Following the procedure one escaped, which was originally thought to be the clone.The one who escaped changed his name to Ben Reilly, dyed his hair blonde, adopted a different costume that had impact webbing...

    In an alternate timeline Spider-Carnage was successful in destroying the universe. As the blast reached the Beyonder's dimension he stopped and then reversed time to a point where he and his assistant, Madame Web, could train other Spider-Men to stop him. The Spider-Men were successful and the timeline was erased.

    Spider-Carnage possess a keen scientific mind. Peter is able to put his webbing into cartridges which he puts in complex web shooters that can spray the webbing in a number different ways. He was able to devise a method that would destroy every single dimension at once.This Peter Parker hated the thought that he was cloned. He held a deep hatred for Ben to the point of attacking him. This is the reason why the Carnage symbiote attached to him, much like why the Venom Symbiote attached to Eddi...

    Spider-Carnage is voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced all the alternate Spider-Men.He is the final villain of Spider-Man.It is never said whether or not this is the same Carnage Symbiote that Venom pushed into Dormammu's realm. However, since Carnage reappeared in Spider-Man Unlimited it can be assumed that this symbiote is from an entirely different universe. This is further enforced by the fact that Cletus Kasady/Carnage was planned to appear in the unproduced sixth season as Ja...

    1. Peter Parker at Marvel 2. Ben Reilly at Marvel 3. Spider-Man at Wikipedia 4. Spider-Carnage at Wikipedia 5. Ben Reilly (Earth-98311) at Marvel Database 6. Spider-Carnage (Earth-616) at Marvel Database 7. Peter Parker (Earth-616) at Marvel Database

  5. Carnage | Marvel Animated Universe Wiki | Fandom
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    While traveling on the John Jameson Space Probe the Venom Symbiote spawned an offspring. Dormammu got his assistant Baron Mordo to divert the rocket so that it would crash on Earthreturning the two symbiotes. Upon their arrival on the planet the two symbiotes attach themselves to a nearby couple. Disguised as the young man and under the control of Mordo, the second symbiote entered into Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane after the escape of the newly reformed Venom. The symbiote t...

    Fighting Spider-Man

    Carnage then goes to the Stark Industries demonstration to assist his "father" in stealing dimensional portal technology. While Venom becomes distracted Carnage is able to defeat both Spider-Man and War Machine. Carnage is about to off Spider-Man when Venom stops him. He wants the webslinger for himself. The two begin fighting when Baron Mordo appears to stop them. Carnage grabs the Interdimensional Probeand the two escape. After bringing the dimensional technology to Mordo, Venom and Carnage...

    Dormammu's Servant

    Dormammu gives Carnage the ability to absorb the lifeforce from others so that it can be collected and Dormammu can emerge from his dimension. Carnage attacks the NYPD. Spider-Man arrives to stop him and Carnage tries it on him but finds that he's "full" and needs to drain before absorbing any others. He returns to the lair and impatiently drains himself of all the energy he's collected so far. The urn that is collecting all the energy is almost full. It just needs a few more lives before it...

    Cletus is criminally insane, merging with the symbiote simply made him more so. He acts without any regard towards the people involved. Instead, he thinks only of his personal pleasure. Kasady hates figures of authority. He saw Terri Lee's arrest of him as a personal attack and went after her when he got powers. He hated Spider-Man for the same reason. He resented his "symbiotic father" Venom for trying to tell him what to do. He accepted Dormammu's demands as it allowed him to act however he desired.

    Because Carnage's symbiote spawned from the Venom symbiote Carnage has many of the abilities of Venom, though not all. Carnage is agile and strong, though he cannot form webbing. Instead he extends tendrils of himself to act like webbing. Carnage's most distinguishing trait is how fully Kasady bonds with the symbiote. While Venom refers to himself as "we" Carnage refers to himself as "I." Instead of two creatures working closely together as in Venom's case Carnage works as one, single being. After escaping from Dormammu's dimension Carnage gains the ability to change into a somewhat liquid form. His appearance changes to appear taller, skinnier, and with boney protrusions. How exactly Carnage and Venom gained new powers is unknown. It is possible that Dormammu gave them his new powers or they learned it at some point. Carnage does have his weaknesses. Like Venom he is vulnerable to extreme heat and sound.

    In a parallel universe a Spider-Man had angrily attacked his clone. At that moment a Carnage symbiote from yet another universe attached itself to that Spider-Man and formed Spider-Carnage. Spider-Carnage destroyed New York City and was about to destroy every single dimension. However, Spider-Man, along with other Spider-Men from other universes stopped him. Spider-Carnage fled into another universe. This time Spider-Carnage could only destroy one dimension at a time. He captured Spider-Man and imitated that universes Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy, that Spider-Man's girlfriend, released Spider-Man but was captured by Spider-Carnage. Spider-Carnage was about to destroy that dimension when Spider-Man brought that universe's Uncle Bento him, this version had not been killed. Uncle Ben reminded him about great power and great responsibility. Peter then tried to reject the Carnage symbiote but was unable to. With no other option Peter threw himself into a portal and destroyed him and the symbio...

    Carnage was voiced by Scott Cleverdon in Spider-Man and Michael Donovan in Spider-Man Unlimited. The first version of the character outside the comics. It is implied, though never directly said, that this Carnage's symbiote formed Spider-Carnage thus making Spider-Man indirectly responsible for the destruction of the multiverse. However, since Carnage returned in Spider-Man Unlimitedit can be assumed that it was an entirely different Carnage symbiote. Carnage's powers in Spider-Man Unlimited followed Venom's change, which was inspired by Venom 2099. In Spider-Man, Kasady was incarcerated with Eddie and became Carnage in Ravencroft. While in Spider-Man Unlimited, he was imprisoned with Venom and became Carnage in a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. How this is explained in universe is unknown though the Spider-Man Unlimitedepisode was presented as a flashback and could represent faulty memory. As of yet, this is the only version of Carnage in animation. Cletus Kasady appeared in The Spectacular...

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  7. Spider-Carnage: Every Time Spider-Man Bonded With the Deadly ...

    May 20, 2019 ยท Spider-Man: The Animated Series was another staple of the '90s. It adapted a lot of Spider-Man lore for the first -- and only -- time on screen thus far, and Spider-Carnage is one of those concepts. In the show, Carnage is cast into Dormammu's realm by Venom in the middle of Season 3, and struggles to free itself from its interdimensional prison.

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    "The Alien Costume" is the only three-part episode from season 1 of the animated series Spider-Man. Venom was one of Spider-Man's most popular villains at the time this episode aired. [3] Originally this was going to be a two-part episode, however, the fans wanted to see more of the black costume, so a new part 2 was added into the middle of ...

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