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  2. Castlists: Tutorial with Examples › training › castlist

    A castlist is a list of the characters in a dramatic work. See page 276 (section 10.1.4) of P3 for basic information on castlist usage. See entries 155 and 173 in the FileMaker Markup Documentation DB for basic information on WWP castlist encoding. There are many combinations and permutations of the following examples; they are only a sample.

  3. The Best Film Crew List Template for Your Next Production › blog › film-crew-list-template
    • Film Crew List template sheet. Managing details with the Film Crew List template sheet. The Crew tab is where you track all your potential and booked crew members.
    • Cast List Template. Managing the Cast List. Managing the Cast List Template. Moving on from the film crew list, the Cast List tab holds all the information related to actors, models or hosts.
    • Vendor details in one place. Add vendor columns to booking sheets. If you work on multiple projects with different production companies or on COD accounts, sifting through paperwork for details can quickly become a time sink.
    • Identify key props. Identify key props for scenes and how to source it. Marking the Script and breakdown. This sheet identifies key props in scenes. We included a dropdown to identify where the props can be sourced from (i.e.
  4. CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs › cast-and-convert-transact-sql

    ListPrice ----- The list price is 357.06 The list price is 364.09 The list price is 364.09 The list price is 364.09 The list price is 364.09 D. Using CAST to produce more readable text. This example uses CAST in the SELECT list, to convert the Name column to a char(10) column. It uses the AdventureWorksDW database.


    CAST ( expression AS data_type [ ( length ) ] )
    CONVERT ( data_type [ ( length ) ] , expression [ , style ] )
  5. C# Cast Examples - Dot Net Perls › cast

    Examples These examples show how to convert types. The provided conversions are more complex than casts. The provided conversions are more complex than casts. Here In this program, we use an extension from the System.Linq namespace to convert an array into a List.

  6. c# - Cast List to List - Stack Overflow › questions › 51584495

    Unfortunatelly List<T> does not meet criteria for contravariance, because it is not an interface, delegate or array type, and because making it's generic parameter contravariant wouldn't be type-safe (doing so would e.g. allowed List<string> to contain not only strings, but any other object, which is obviously nonsence, not type-safe and ...

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    The following code example demonstrates how to use Cast (IEnumerable) to enable the use of the standard query operators on an ArrayList.

    This method is implemented by using deferred execution. The immediate return value is an object that stores all the information that is required to perform the action. The query represented by this method is not executed until the object is enumerated either by calling its GetEnumerator method directly or by using foreach in Visual C# or For Eachin Visual Basic. The Cast (IEnumerable) method enables the standard query operators to be invoked on non-generic collections by supplying the necessary type information. For example, ArrayList does not implement IEnumerable , but by calling Cast (IEnumerable) on the ArrayListobject, the standard query operators can then be used to query the sequence. If an element cannot be converted to type TResult, this method throws a InvalidCastException. The source sequence for this method is IEnumerable, which means the elements have the compile-time static type of object. The only type conversions that are performed by this method ar...

  7. java - How to cast ArrayList<> from List<> - Stack Overflow › questions › 5134466

    The first approach is trying to cast the list but this would work only if the List<> were an ArrayList<>. That is not the case. That is not the case. So you need the second approach, that is building a new ArrayList<> with the elements of the List<>

  8. Jan 26, 2021 · The first step to making a great video is having a great shot list. It&#39;s a vital ingredient, no matter how small or large your crew or cast is. A shot list is a kind of to-do list that helps everyone stay on the same page.

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