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  1. The primary members of the AX unit, as seen in the Trinity Blood anime adaptation. Top row, starting on the left: Abel Nightroad, Tres Iques, William Walter Wordsworth, Vaclav Havel, Caterina Sforza. Second Row: Kate Scott, Leon Garcia de Asturias. Third row: Hugue de Watteau. Bottom Row: Noélle Bor, Esther Blanchett

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    As Tres sees nothing but his red blood, the Cardinal Caterina Sforza walks over to Tres, asking him to make a decision. The scene abruptly cuts to the year 660. In Basilica of San Francesco D'Assisi, a man named Dr. Martini makes a confession to Tres.

  3. List of Trinity Blood characters - Wikipedia

    The primary members of the AX unit, as seen in the Trinity Blood anime adaptation. Top row, starting on the left: Abel Nightroad, Tres Iques, William Walter Wordsworth, Vaclav Havel, Caterina Sforza. Second Row: Kate Scott, Leon Garcia de Asturias. Third row: Hugue de Watteau. Bottom Row: Noélle Bor, Esther Blanchett

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    Caterina Sforza’s disease explained. Thankyou so much for telling me this Anon! I’ve looked into it and I’ve found the patient who was the mother of Lisa Cuddy’s daughter had eclampsia. However, this disease is only limited in pregnant woman (or a woman who was pregnant - either way, a placenta is involved).

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    Caterina Sforza is a character from the anime Trinity Blood. They have been indexed as Female Adult with Gray eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Chest length.

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    Caterina Sforza. Trinity Blood. 2 2 . Updated 8 years ago =Ino_chan= Caterina Sforza. Trinity Blood. 22 0 . Updated 9 years ago raziel07 ...

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    Caterina Sforza in the novels and the manga. When Abel shows too much concern for Esther to her liking. She subtly moves to arrange Esther's accidental death twice.

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    Jul 06, 2006 · 50 images of the Trinity Blood cast of characters. Photos of the Trinity Blood (Show) voice actors. ... Caterina Sforza voiced by Lydia Mackay and 2 others.

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    Although "Vatican Papal State" is the primary endonym of the government and the state as a whole, the short form "Vatican" (Latin: Vaticanus) is the standard and most common name of the Catholic Church's government and sovereign territory. The name "Vatican" is derived from Vatican Hill (Mons Vaticanus), a hill in Rome, located on the opposite side of the River Tiber from the traditional seven hills of Rome. Alternatively, the name "Holy See" (Sancta Sedes) is also ascribed to the government and sovereign territory of the Church. In the past, the Vatican and the Holy See were distinct and separate from each other; the former was known as Vatican City—a territory under the sovereign rule of the latter—and the Holy See was the name of the central governing body of the Catholic Church. However, with the merging of the Church's ecclesiastical and political jurisdictions in the post-Armageddon world, the names "Vatican" and "Holy See" are used interchangeably in reference to the sovereig...


    The Vatican has its roots in Vatican City, the pre-Armageddon sovereign territory of the Holy See. Although Vatican City was founded in 1929 AD, the history of the modern Vatican is tied to the far older history of the Holy See. As the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, the Holy See dates back to antiquity; and in this regard, the Vatican represents one of the oldest institutions in human history. By the early 21st century AD, the status of Vatican City remained largely unalt...


    By 2080 AD, the human population of Earth exceeded 12 billion, creating a severe strain on the planet's resources. In an attempt to counter the increasing costs of overpopulation, the United Nations initiated the Red Mars Project—a global endeavor to colonize the planet Mars. Despite its initial progress, the project ended in failure after the Mars colonists discovered the Ark; an advanced spacecraft of unknown origin, the discovery of the Ark also led to the discovery of the technology withi...

    Dark Ages

    In the wake of Armageddon, the remaining humans survived only to endure another catastrophe: the Dark Ages, a period of conflict that nearly drove the remnants of mankind to extinction following the Mars colonists' return to Earth. Exposure to the Kudlak Bacillus and Earth's closer proximity to the Sun caused the "Returners" to develop vampire-like symptoms, ultimately spawning the Methuselah race. The Crusnik siblings Cain Knightlord, Abel Nightroad and Seth Nightlord—artificially-bred human...

    The Vatican is located in the southern and southeastern regions of Europe. To the north, the Vatican borders the Kingdom of Franc, the Kingdom of Germanicus, and the Marquisate of Hungaria. To the south, it consists entirely of the Italian Peninsula and the three Mediterranean islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica. To the southeast, where the Vatican controls parts of the former Yugoslavia along the Adriatic Sea, it borders the Marquisate of Macedonia. By the mid-31st century AD, the domain of the Vatican covered the area occupied by the following pre-Armageddon countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vatican City and parts of France.

    The Vatican government has a unique structure with influences from absolute monarchy, elective monarchy and theocracy. The Pope is the sovereign of the state. Although the Pope holds the highest legal authority in the Vatican, his ability to control the government is entirely dependent on his character. In the case of a weak-willed sovereign, the College of Cardinals wields considerable influence and power as the Vatican's de facto leaders. Despite the influence of the cardinals, they cannot legally overrule the authority of the Pope. They must therefore seek the Pope's approval before making certain decisions—such as military action—that involve the state. Although the Pope is technically an elective office—its succession decided by a papal conclave held after the death of the incumbent Pope—since at least the 31st century AD the papacy has become a virtual dynasty as a result of the hereditary succession of Gregorio XXX and his illegitimate son, Alessandro XVIII. In addition to at...

    The Vatican Military is responsible for the defense and security of the territories controlled by the Vatican. It is composed of several different branches, including the Army, Air Force, and Special Forces. The Military is not completely separate from the political organization of the Vatican. The Department of Inquisition possesses its own military assets, including soldiers, tanks, and air battleships. The Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section, also known as the AX, consists of priests and nuns who are trained as a special forces group in order to perform unconventional missions for the Vatican. Furthermore, the AX has access to its own battleships, such as the Iron Maiden and the Iron Maiden II.

    The Vatican is a Terran nation, although there are some Methuselah that secretly live in the Vatican's territory. A strong hostility exists between the two races—bred and nurtured by centuries of conflict. In general, the Vatican views itself as the protector of the human race; the first line of defense against the Methuselah who prey on the Terran people. The Vatican therefore takes upon itself the responsibility of protecting Terrans from the Methuselah, whether they live on Vatican soil or abroad. In addition to its ethnic identity, the Vatican is also a Christan nation. As with the Vatican's predecessor states, such as the Papal States and Vatican City, Christianity—Roman Catholicism—is the state religion of the modern Vatican. The political and religious institutions of the Vatican are intertwined under the Catholic Church, which is both the government and the state religious body of the Vatican. Due to the significance of Christianity in Vatican society, Christian-based festiv...

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