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  1. Cathedral of Our Lady of Egypt - Wikipedia › wiki › Cathedral_of_Our_Lady_of_Egypt

    The Cathedral of Our Lady of Egypt, also called Coptic Catholic Cathedral of Cairo, is a Coptic Catholic church building at 39 Mustafa Fahmi Street in Cairo, Egypt. The cathedral serves as the main church of the Catholic Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria ( Patriarchatus Alexandrinus Coptorum) which began in 1741 as an apostolic vicariate created by Pope Benedict XIV and which was elevated to its present status in 1895 under the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII with the bull "Christi Domini".

  2. Our Lady of Heliopolis Co-Cathedral - Wikipedia › wiki › Our_Lady_of_Heliopolis_Co

    Our Lady of Heliopolis Co-Cathedral, also known as the Latin Cathedral of Our Lady of Heliopolis, or the Basilica of the Holy Virgin, is a Roman Catholic church building, located on Al-Ahram Square in the Heliopolis neighbourhood of Cairo, Egypt. Alexandre Marcel designed the cathedral in a Byzantine Revival style, based on the Hagia Sophia.

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  4. Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral, Cairo - Wikipedia › wiki › Our_Lady_of_Fatima

    The Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima or just Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in Cairo is a religious building that is affiliated with the Catholic Church and is located in the city of Cairo, the capital of the African country of Egypt . It is a temple that follows the Chaldean or Eastern Syriac Rite in full communion with the Pope in Rome.

  5. Co-cathedral - Wikipedia › wiki › Co-cathedral

    Egypt. The Latin Apostolic Vicariate of Alexandria had a St. Catherine cathedral in Alexandria and two co-cathedrals: the former cathedrals of the merged-in apostolic vicariates of Heliopolis of Egypt (Our Lady, in that Cairo suburb) and of Port Said (Our Lady and St. Michael in that Sinai Canal port).

  6. Apostolic Vicariate of Alexandria of Egypt - Wikipedia › wiki › Apostolic_Vicariate_of

    The Apostolic Vicariate of Alexandria of Egypt, or in full - of Alexandria of Egypt-Heliopolis-Port Said (Latin: Vicariatus Apostolicus Alexandrinus) is the Roman Catholic Apostolic vicariate (missionary ordinariate) in Egypt, named after its cathedral see in Alexandria, a port city and former Catholic patriarchate.

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  7. Category:Flight into Egypt of the Our-Lady Cathedral in ... › wiki › Category:Flight_into

    English: Flight into Egypt, by Guy Brunet (1760), chapel of St. Leon, Our Lady Cathedral of Bayonne, France. Español : La Huida a Egipto, por Guy Brunet (1760), capilla de San León, Catedral Santa Maria en Bayona , Francia .

  8. لوتریانیسم - ویکی‌پدیا، دانشنامهٔ آزاد › wiki › لوتریانیسم

    لوتریانیسم در شمال و مرکز آلمان با حمایت شاهزاده‌های این کشور و با لشکرکشی یک آلزاسی به نام فیلیپ یاکوب اشپنر نفوذ و گسترش یافت و امروزه گذشته از این دو ناحیه آلمان و شمال آلزاس در کشورهای اسکاندیناوی یافت می‌شوند.

  9. پروتستانتیسم - ویکی‌پدیا، دانشنامهٔ آزاد › wiki › پروتستانتیسم

    مکتب پروتستان دستور العمل‌های خود را مستقیماً از کلام خدا استخراج می‌کند، و در عبادت نیز رابط آنها با خدا، که کمال بخشش است، تنها مسیح است؛ در حالی که پیروان کلیسای کاتولیک روم از تعالیم کلیسای خود پیروی می‌کنند، و در ...

  10. Brno – Travel guide at Wikivoyage › wiki › Brno

    The most interesting places in Brno includes the Brno Underground, a labyrinth of underground cellars which includes the second biggest ossuary in Europe (after the Catacombs of Paris), the two (or three) castles in Brno, the cathedral on the Petrov hill (Pope Benedict XVI. visited the cathedral in 2009), the Basilica of the Assumption of Our ...

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