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  1. St. Mary's Church - Wikipedia

    St. Mary's Church, St. Mary the Virgin's Church, St. Mary Church, Saint Mary Church, or other variations on the name, is a commonly used name for specific churches of various Christian denominations. Notable uses of the term may refer to:

  2. Al-Adiliyah Mosque - Wikipedia

    Al-Adiliyah Mosque (Arabic: جَامِع الْعَادِلِيَّة ‎, romanized: Jāmiʿ al-ʿAdiliyya, Turkish: Adliye Camii) or Dukaginzâde Mehmed Pasha mosque is a mosque complex in Aleppo, located to the southwest of the Citadel, in "Al-Jalloum" district of the ancient city, few meters away from Al-Saffahiyah mosque.

  3. Mausoleum - Wikipedia

    The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California, for example, has 6,000 sepulchral and cinerary urn spaces for interments in the lower level of the building. It is known as the "crypt mausoleum".

  4. Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria - Wikimedia Commons

    Our Lady of Zeitoun Church, Vienna, ... Interior of Archangel Michael's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Aswan, Egypt. ... In Wikipedia. Afrikaans ...

  5. Asmara - Wikipedia

    Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Asmara Four big landmarks of the city are the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Kidane Mehret Cathedral of the Catholic faith (the former of Latin and the latter of Coptic rite), the Enda Mariam Cathedral of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church , and the Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque of the Islamic faith.

  6. تاریخچه. در سال ۱۵۲۹ شاهزاده‌های آلمانی طرفدار دو مکتب کلیسای روم و کلیسای لوتران در دومین جلسه معروف به «Diet of Speyer» گرد هم آمدند.

  7. James the Great - Wikipedia

    The site of martyrdom is located within the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St. James in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. The Chapel of St. James the Great, located to the left of the sanctuary, is the traditional place where he was martyred, when King Agrippa ordered him to be beheaded (Acts 12:1–2).

  8. 拉巴斯和平圣母大教堂 ( 英语 : Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, La Paz ) 委内瑞拉国家先贤祠 ( 西班牙语 : Panteón Nacional de Venezuela ) 智利祖国祭坛 ( 西班牙语 : Altar de la Patria (Chile) ) 国家英雄圣殿 ( 西班牙语 : Panteón Nacional de los Héroes )

  9. Vor Frue Kirke är namnet på flera kyrkor i Danmark. Vor Frue Kirke och Vor Frue (svenska: "vår fru", "vårfru" "Vårfrukyrka" etc.) syftar på jungfru Maria.. Efter reformationen i Danmark ändrades ofta äldre helgonnamn på många kyrkor till Vor Frue Kirke, eftersom jungfru Maria enligt vissa lutherska skolor var det enda accepterade helgonet.

  10. 1843 – The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, Hawaii is dedicated. It is now the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the city. 1869 – The Meiji Government in Japan establishes six new ministries, including one for Shinto. 1901 – 2000. 1912 – Eduardo Schaerer becomes President of Paraguay. 1914 – The Panama Canal opens.

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