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  1. List of Glagolitic manuscripts - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Glagolitic_manuscripts

    missal ~1400 Glagolitica I-3 Croatian State Archives: Croatia: 4 Fragmenti misala s kraja 14. ili početka 15. st. missal MBrl 1402 Ms. Ham. 444 Berlin State Library: Krbava: 218 31.5 x 21.5 cm 2 co x 31 ro Berlinski misal. Written and illuminated by Bartol Krbavac. Housed in Rome 1738-1742, and in London, and from 1822 in Berlin. SBB, NSK ...

  2. Order of Mass - Wikipedia › wiki › Order_of_Mass

    Order of Mass is an outline of a Mass celebration, describing how and in what order liturgical texts and rituals are employed to constitute a Mass. . The expression Order of Mass is particularly tied to the Roman Rite where the sections under that title in the Roman Missal also contain a set of liturgical texts that recur in most or in all Eucharistic liturgies (the so-called invariable texts ...

  3. Catherine Brunet — Wikipédia › wiki › Catherine_Brunet

    Biographie. Catherine Brunet a commencé sa carrière à 9 mois, alors qu'elle posait pour des circulaires [1].Elle s'est fait connaitre en 1999 grâce à son interprétation du rôle principal dans Le Monde de Charlotte.

  4. Roman Catholic calendar of Saints | Christianity Knowledge ... › wiki › Roman_Catholic

    The General Roman Calendar indicates the days of the year to which are assigned the liturgical celebrations of saints that are to be observed wherever the Roman Rite is used. National and diocesan liturgical calendars, as well as those of religious orders and even of continents, add other saints or transfer the celebration of a particular saint from the date assigned in the General Calendar to ...

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