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  1. Catherine of Braganza (Portuguese: Catarina de Bragança; 25 November 1638 – 31 December 1705) was Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland during her marriage to King Charles II, which lasted from 21 May 1662 until his death on 6 February 1685.

  2. Catherine Of Braganza, (born Nov. 25, 1638, Vila Viçosa, Port.—died Dec. 31, 1705, Lisbon), Portuguese Roman Catholic wife of King Charles II of England (ruled 1660–85). A pawn in diplomatic dealings and anti-papal intrigues, she was married to Charles as part of an important alliance between England and Portugal.

  3. Nov 25, 2019 · Overall, Catherine of Braganza has been overlooked as a royal figure in seventeenth-century Britain. She entered her new homeland with different fashions and struggled at first to assert her impact in the royal court. However, Catherine proved herself resilient and was able to affirm her independence, away from the whims of her husband's ...

  4. Aug 30, 2016 · Catherine was born in 1638 into the House of Braganza; Portugal’s most important noble family. In 1640, Catherine’s father was proclaimed King John IV of Portugal after a revolt of the nobility led to the deposition of the Habsburg King Philip III of Portugal and IV of Spain.

    • She Went From Duchess To Princess. Born in 1638 to John, the Duke of Braganza, and his wife Luisa, Catherine’s life changed in an instant. In 1640, when she was just a toddling two years old, her father got a mega promotion and became the King of Portugal.
    • Her Mother Controlled Her. Catherine’s mother Queen Luisa was a powerhouse and a battleax rolled into one, and she kept an incredibly watchful eye on her daughter.
    • She Was Disturbingly Naive. After only seeing the walls inside a Catholic convent for most of her formative years, Catherine turned out to be a very sheltered and naïve girl.
    • She Went Through An Early Tragedy. In 1653, as Catherine entered her teenage years, her older sister Joana passed at just 18 years old, turning Catherine into the family’s eldest child.
  5. Aug 28, 2017 · Travel back in time to 1662, when Catherine of Braganza (daughter of Portugal’s King John IV) won the hand of England’s newly restored monarch, King Charles II, with the help of a very large...

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