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    • June 2, 1479
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    Who is Catherine of Aragon?

  3. Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Jan 10, 2021 · Catherine of Austria (Portuguese: Catarina; 14 January 1507 – 12 February 1578) was Queen of Portugal as wife of King John III, and regent during the minority of her grandson, King Sebastian, from 1557 until 1562.

  4. List of Polish monarchs - Wikipedia"King"_of_Poland

    After the death of the last Jagiellonian king, the united Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth became an elective monarchy with mostly foreigners elected as monarchs such as Henry III of France, who witnessed the introduction of the Golden Liberty system and Stephen Báthory, a capable military commander who strengthened the nation.

  5. Stanisław August Poniatowski - Wikipedia

    Stanisław Antoni Poniatowski was born on 17 January 1732 in Wołczyn, then in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and now in Belarus.He was one of eight surviving children and fourth son of Princess Konstancja Czartoryska and of Count Stanisław Poniatowski, Ciołek coat of arms, Castellan of Kraków.

    • 7 September 1764 – 25 November 1795
    • Augustus III
  6. Władysław IV Vasa - Wikipediaładysław_IV_Vasa

    2 days ago · Władysław IV Vasa or Ladislaus IV of Poland (9 June 1595 – 20 May 1648) was King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and titular King of Sweden, who ruled from 1632 until his death in 1648. Władysław IV was the eldest son of Sigismund III Vasa (Polish: Zygmunt III Waza ) and his wife, Anna Habsburg of Austria .

  7. Jadwiga of Poland - Wikipedia

    Catherine died in late 1378. Louis persuaded the most influential Polish lords to swear an oath of loyalty to her younger sister, Mary, in September 1379. She was betrothed to Sigismund of Luxemburg, a great-grandson of Casimir the Great, who had been Louis's predecessor on the Polish throne.

    • 16 October 1384 – 17 July 1399
    • Louis
  8. Henry III of France - Wikipedia

    Henry was born at the royal Château de Fontainebleau, the fourth son of King Henry II and Catherine de' Medici. He was a grandson of Francis I of France and Claude of France . His older brothers were Francis II of France , Charles IX of France , and Louis of Valois .

  9. List of Polish royal consorts - Wikipedia

    Jan 14, 2021 · Death Spouse; Doubravka of Bohemia: Boleslaus I, Duke of Bohemia (Přemyslids) 925 965 977 Mieszko I: Oda of Haldensleben: Dietrich, Margrave of the Nordmark ca. 960 ca. 978 25 May 992 husband's death: 1023 Emnilda of Lusatia: Dobromir of Lusatia: ca. 970 ca. 987 25 May 992 husband's accession: 1017 Bolesław I: Oda of Meissen: Eckard I ...

  10. List of Austrian royal consorts - Wikipedia

    husband's death: 18 October 1335 Isabella of Aragon: James II of Aragon 1305 11 May 1315 consort jointly with sister-in-law 28 February 1326 alone: 13 January 1330 husband's death: 12 July 1330 Frederick I: Catherine of Savoy: Burchard V, Count of Hohenburg (Burchardinger) 1304 c. 1315 consort jointly with sister-in-law: 28 February 1326 ...

  11. Jan 05, 2021 · Poland has over 70 mountains over 2,000 metres (6,600 feet) in elevation, all situated in the Tatras. [128] Poland's highest point is the north-western summit of Mount Rysy at 2,499 metres (8,199 ft) in elevation. At its foot lie the mountain lakes of Czarny Staw (Black Lake) and Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), both naturally-made tarns. [129]

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