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    • June 2, 1479
  2. Bona Sforza - Wikipedia

    Bona Sforza d’Aragona (2 February 1494 – 19 November 1557) was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as the second wife of Sigismund I the Old, and Duchess of Bari and Rossano by her own right. She was a surviving member of the powerful House of Sforza, which ruled the Duchy of Milan since 1447.

  3. Przemysł II - Wikipedia

    Przemysł II (Polish: [ˈpʂɛmɨsw] also given in English and Latin as Premyslas or Premislaus or less properly Przemysław; 14 October 1257 – 8 February 1296), was the Duke of Poznań from 1257 –1279, of Greater Poland from 1279–1296, of Kraków from 1290–1291, and Gdańsk Pomerania (Pomerelia) from 1294–1296, and then King of Poland from 1295 until his death.

  4. Poland | The idea Wiki | Fandom

    The Black Death, a plague that ravaged Europe from 1347 to 1351, did not significantly affect Poland, and the country was spared from a major outbreak of the disease. [46] [47] The reason for this was the decision of Casimir the Great to quarantine the nation's borders.

  5. The Eighteenth Century, Part III: 1750-1775 | Novelas | Fandom

    This covers the third quarter of the eighteenth century. For the first ten years of the last quarter of the eighteenth century, see The Eighteenth Century, Part IV: 1775-1785. 1 The Eighteenth Century (1701-1800, Part III) 1.1 The 18th Century (1750-1775) 1.1.1 1750 1.1.2 1751 1.1.3 1752 1.1.4...

  6. (PDF) The Perquisite of a Medieval Wedding: Barbara of Cilli ...

    The Perquisite of a Medieval Wedding: Barbara of Cilli's Acquisition of Wealth, Power, and Lands

  7. (PDF) Theories of Race and Racism | Ali Demirkaya -

    Theories of Race and Racism. Ali Demirkaya. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper ...

  8. (PDF) Bramley, William - The Gods of Eden | Manuel Sanchez ... is a platform for academics to share research papers.

  9. (PDF) Imaginations and Configurations of Polish Society. From ...

    Studies in shifting ideas of community and society throughout a thousand years of Polish history. As a European polity, Poland can look back on more than a thousand years of history. Over the centuries, however, its territory, contexts of political

  10. (PDF) Maximilianus Hell (1720-1792) and the eighteenth ...

    In the years 1761 and 1769, the planet Venus passed in front of the Sun as seen from Earth. In that century of Enlightenment, these events – known as transits of Venus – attracted massive interest from the entire world of learning. The monograph

  11. Money Centre -

    Magazine of the Sńawomir S.łSkrzypek NBP Money Centre Andrzej Heidrich – designer of Polish banknotes Andrzej Heidrich died on 20 October 2019 at the age of 90. He was an exceptional Polish graphic artist, the designer of many Polish banknotes issued by Narodowy Bank Polski. He has his own permanent space at the NBP Money Centre in the “Cre -

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