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  2. wood. Holy Cross Church, Września ( pl. Kościół Świętego Krzyża we Wrześni) - is a wooden church (to 1966 likes chapel) in the north-western part of Września, Poland, located in the Lipówka district, on Świętokrzyska street, next to the storage reservoir Wrześnica. The church is registered as a protected monument Greater Poland ...

  3. Stone. The Church of St. Andrew in the Old Town district of Kraków, Poland ( Polish: Kościół św. Andrzeja) located at Grodzka Street, is a historical Romanesque church built between 1079 and 1098 by a medieval Polish statesman Palatine Sieciech. It is a rare surviving example of the European fortress church used for defensive purposes.

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  5. Origin. 16th century. Congregations. 8. Members. 3,461 (2015) The Polish Reformed Church, officially called the Evangelical Reformed Church in the Republic of Poland (Polish: Kościół Ewangelicko-Reformowany w RP) is a historic Calvinistic Protestant church in Poland established in the 16th century, still in existence today.

    • Protestant
    • Calvinism
    • 8
    • 16th century
  6. The Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Europe has affected several dioceses in European nations. Italy is an exceptional case as the 1929 Lateran Treaty gave the Vatican legal autonomy from Italy, giving the clergy recourse to Vatican rather than Italian law. It has been reported that since Francis was elected pope the Vatican gradually increased ...

  7. The establishment of the church was undertaken after Poland regained independence as the Second Polish Republic following World War I in 1918. Following the Polish–Soviet War and the Treaty of Riga of 1921, Poland secured control of a sizeable portion of its former eastern territories previously lost in the late-18th-century Partitions of Poland to the Russian Empire.

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