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  1. Catholic theology - Wikipedia › wiki › Roman_Catholic_theology

    Faith of the Church (Latin: fides ecclesiae) is a basic concept of Catholic theology which implies that not the faithful individual but the Catholic Church as a whole is considered to be the primary carrier of Christian faith. This refers to the act of believing (fides qua creditur) as well as to the matters of doctrine (fides quae creditur).

  2. Catholic theology of Scripture - Wikipedia › wiki › Roman_Catholic_theology_of

    The theology of Scripture in the Roman Catholic church has evolved much since the Second Vatican Council of Catholic Bishops ("Vatican II", 1962-1965). This article explains the theology (or understanding) of Scripture that has come to dominate in the Catholic Church today. It focuses on the Church’s response to various areas of study into the original meaning of texts.

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  4. Christian theology - Wikipedia › wiki › Christian_theologians

    Christian theology is the theology of Christian belief and practice. Such study concentrates primarily upon the texts of the Old Testament and of the New Testament, as well as on Christian tradition. Christian theologians use biblical exegesis, rational analysis and argument. Theologians may undertake the study of Christian theology for a variety of reasons, such as in order to:

  5. Catholic theology of sexuality - Wikipedia › wiki › Catholic_theology_of_sexuality

    Catholic theology of sexuality, like Catholic theology in general, is drawn from natural law, canonical scripture, divine revelation, and sacred tradition, as interpreted authoritatively by the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  6. Catholic theology on the body - Wikipedia › wiki › Catholic_theology_on_the_body

    The theology on the body is a broad term for Catholic teachings on the human body. The dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary , defined in Pope Pius XII's 1950 apostolic constitution Munificentissimus Deus , is one of the most recent developments in the Catholic theology of the body.

  7. Catholic dogmatic theology - Wikipedia › wiki › Catholic_dogmatic_theology

    For dogmatic theology his most important work is the Summa theologica. Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical "Æterni Patris" (1879) restored the study of the Scholastics, especially of St. Thomas, in all higher Catholic schools, a measure which was again emphasized by Pope Pius X.

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    related to: catholic theology wikipedia faith study bible