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  1. Catholic Church in Africa - Wikipedia › wiki › Roman_Catholicism_in_Africa

    The Catholic Church in Africa is part of the worldwide Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See in Rome. Christian activity in Africa began in the 1st century when the Patriarchate of Alexandria in Egypt was formed as one of the four original Patriarchs of the East. However, the Islamic conquest in the 7th century resulted in a harsh decline for Christianity in northern Africa. Yet, at least outside the Islamic majority parts of northern Africa, the presence of the Catholic Church has

  2. What is the role of Catholicism in Africa? - The Washington Post › politics › 2019/08/09

    Aug 09, 2019 · In 1959, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the most important Catholic prelate in French Africa, publicly equated Islam with slavery and communism, igniting a firestorm of controversy on the eve of...

    • Laura Seay
  3. How Africa is transforming the Catholic Church - The ... › outlook › 2019/09/09

    Sep 09, 2019 · Africa has the fastest-growing Catholic population on the planet, which is projected to reach nearly 350 million by 2050. As Francis reaches out to this growing population of the faithful, he would...

  4. Catholicism in Africa - The Independent Uganda: › catholicism-in-africa

    Although Catholicism in Africa expanded dramatically under European colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, the church’s roots in Africa go back to its earliest days. Christianity emerged in Africa among first-century Jewish communities in Alexandria, Egypt. Many early, influential church figures were North African.

  5. The Catholic Church in Africa | EWTN › catholicism › library

    Islamic fundamentalism has taken a foothold in many African states, especially in Northern Africa by promoting political action that is radically antiChristian and anti-Catholic in particular. In these states, as in Libya, Sudan, Algeria, there are still many who are being martyred for the faith.

  6. The evolution of Catholicism in Africa - La Croix Int. › news › religion

    May 20, 2017 · How big is the Catholic Church in Africa? Vatican data revealed in 2015 that there were a little more than 222 million Catholics in the continent – one in every five inhabitants – representing 17...

  7. Catholicism in Africa Seen As Success Story | Voice of ... › africa › catholicism-africa-seen

    Mar 13, 2013 · Catholicism in Africa Seen As Success Story VATICAN CITY - In the past century, Roman Catholicism has grown faster in Africa than anywhere else in the world, leading to calls during recent papal...

  8. Jesus Has Found a Home Here: The Rise of Catholicism in Africa › jesus-has-found-home-here-rise

    Pope Francis has just concluded his first papal visit to Africa. If he wanted a popularity boost, he went to the right place: the Catholic Church is flourishing in Africa. Each of the countries...

  9. The Family in Africa | EWTN › catholicism › library

    The Family in Africa. Philomena N. Mwaura* The family in Africa is a complex institution and one cannot describe it without falling into the trap of generalizations and reductionism. Nevertheless, the family in Africa is the basic social unit founded on kinship, marriage, adoption and other relational aspects.

  10. The Global Catholic Population | Pew Research Center › the-global-catholic-population

    As a percentage of regional population, the largest growth occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, which went from about 1% Catholic in 1910 to 21% Catholic in 2010. The Catholic share of the population in the Asia-Pacific region grew from 1% to 3% during this period. Meanwhile, the Catholic share of North America’s population grew from 16% to 26%.

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