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  2. The mean of the sample on the total academic stress score was 53.46 (SD=25.70) as reflected in table 1. Using the mean as cut-off for preliminary analysis and interpretation, it was found that 48.80% of students fall under the category of having average to high stress levels.

    • K. Jayasankara Reddy, Karishma Rajan Menon, Anjana Thattil
    • 163
    • 2018
  3. Oct 11, 2017 · The findings also revels that things such as conflicts, life changes and pressure, are among other, causes of stress. The paper concludes that students experience a lot of problems that cause stress such as unplanned pregnancy, family problems, school problems and illness.

    • M. Madzhie
    • 2
    • 2015
  4. important capital outlays. The causes of stress for teachers vary, such as lack of preparation, family and financial problems, absentee and, sub-par students, among others. Students also experience their own stressors. The common causes of their stress include their academic subjects,

  5. stress among students and its impact on their performance which is one of the prevailing areas to be looked out. Objectives The main objectives of this study are, To assess the level of stress among students. To identify the factors causing stress among the students. To analyze the impact of stress on academic success.

    • R. Hemamalini, V. Ashok, V. Sasikala
    • 1
    • 2018
  6. Jan 25, 2017 · The purpose of this study is to evaluate a model of vulnerability to stress in French college students. Stress factors were evaluated by a battery of six scales that was accessible online during 3 months. A total of 483 students, aged between 18 and 24 years (Mean = 20.23, standard deviation = 1.99), was included in the study.

    • Dalia Saleh, Nathalie Camart, Lucia Romo
    • 216
    • 2017
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