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      • Stress is one of the major facets of our contemporary life, resulted from the swift changes and modernity in human beings, so this period is called the age of stress. Students undergo from many stresses like educational stress resulted from testing and exams, home works and additional school necessities which may go beyond their abilities. Mothers have their own stress resulted from child schooling, workers, leaders, and whole society have diverse form of stress, sometimes the same person...
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  2. requirements/projects was the most common cause of stress. Sleepless nights was the common effect of stress. It was observed that the causes and effects of stress between the male and female respondents were not different. Listening to music was the common stress coping mechanism.

  3. Oct 11, 2017 · The paper concludes that students experience a lot of problems that cause stress such as unplanned pregnancy, family problems, school problems and illness. It was also concluded that students are pressurised by their friends to do a number of things such as going to night club, which they end up going because they what to be recognized by their friends.

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  4. Jun 25, 2013 · In a study by Agolla et al. on undergraduate university students in Botswana, social problems, like inadequate resources, and environmental problems, such as overcrowding in lecture halls, were important stressors.14Thus, the current study’s observations agree with the observations of other researchers.

    • Vivek B. Waghachavare, Girish B. Dhumale, Yugantara R. Kadam, Alka D. Gore
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    • 2013
  5. degree and frequency of stress exists among the participants, with over 50 percent of students reporting high levels of stress. The major causes of stress were found to be academic workload social pressures and time management. High stress levels among participants associated with many

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    • Kashif Ud, Din Khan, Shazia Gulzar, Farzan Yahya
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    • 2013
  6. Depression, anxiety, behavioural problems, irritability, etc. are few of the many problems reported in students with high academic stress(Deb, Strodl& Sun, 2015;Verma, Sharma & Larson, 2002).Incidences of depression were also found among stressful adolescents as it is linked with inability to concentrate, fear of failure, negative evaluation of future, etc. (Busari, 2012).Adolescents were also reported to be indulging in various risky behaviours such as increased consumption of alcohol and ...

    • K. Jayasankara Reddy, Karishma Rajan Menon, Anjana Thattil
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    • 2018
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