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  1. Sep 15, 2009 · What was a major cause for the American Independence movement? The French and Indian war caused Great Britain to be severely in debt, and they choose to put it on the American Colonists.

  2. American Independence Movement: Summary of Position on Major Issues (Draft 11 September 2001, updated 31 May 2016) Mission: The American Independence Movement (AIM) is committed to a strong military, economic self-sufficiency, political and social stability, an independent foreign policy, and preservation of the global natural environment.

  3. What caused Latin American independence movements? After three centuries of colonial rule, independence came rather suddenly to most of Spanish and Portuguese America. Many Creoles (those of Spanish parentage but who were born in America) felt Bourbon policy to be an unfair attack on their wealth, political power, and social status. Which European event triggered […]

  4. How did religion play a role as a cause of the American independence movement and subsequent Revolution? Answer:. During the American Revolution, religion played a significant part in providing a moral justification for opposing the British, ensuring that the average American could believe that revolution was righteous in God's eyes.

  5. Feb 13, 2020 · Causes of the American Revolution: The Boston Tea Party Boston Tea Party, 1774. The colonists decided they would see none of the tea leave the ship. A group of colonists dressed as American Indians boarded the ship at night and threw the tea overboard into the harbor, ruining all of it.

  6. History, 05.05.2021 01:00 nmoareah. Describe one of the major causes of the Independence Movement and one of the major Effects.

  7. Causes and Effects of the American Revolution A historian’s job is to study the past. This means that a historian must think about the causes and effects of historical events, as well as people’s reactions or interpretations of the events.

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