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  1. Radical Movement of the 19th century, but almost all the subsequent struggles for freedom and liberty. JOHN ADAMS, the second President of the United States, in a reminiscent letter written in his later years, viewed that the history of the American Revolution began as early as 1629.

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  2. 10. The Declaration of Independence: On 4 July 1776, the thirteen American Colonies met at Philadelphia for the second time. A paper was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and this Declaration of Independence was unanimously accepted in the Congress by the thirteen American Colonies. This historic document proclaimed the cause of the revolt.

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  4. war against the colonial aristocracy as a war for independence. The American Revolution thus marks the ascendancy of the radicals of the colonies, for the first time effectively united. True, this radical ascendancy was of brief duration, but while it lasted an attempt was made to write democratic ideals and theories of government into the laws and

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  5. Dec 16, 2014 · The Latin American Independence (1807-1824), political and military movement that ended colonial rule by Spain and Portugal over Mexico, Central America, and South America and gave birth to the modern independent nations of Latin America. (Latin American history) The early 1800s radically altered the history of Latin America.

  6. Europe and Latin America emerged as a way to secure independence and upend the rigidity of the preexisting social structure. Foreign Influences Numerous foreign influences inspired and fueled the Latin American independence movement. The American Revolution Following the French and Indian War, the British colonies came under increased scrutiny ...

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