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  1. In general, each house of Congress is responsible for invoking censure against its own members; censure against other government officials is not common, and censure against the president is rarer still. Because censure is not specifically mentioned as the accepted form of reprimand, many censure actions against members of Congress may be listed officially as rebuke, condemnation, or denouncement.

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    In the nineteenth century Congress censured three presidents (Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, and James Buchanan), and considered censuring a fourth (John Adams). The great significance of this history...

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    Censure is, as the Senate website explains, a “formal statement of disapproval” that is “a less severe form of discipline” than expulsion. It is about time for them to move on and get back to the...

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    • Why Are We Talking About Censure Rather Than Impeachment?
    • Has A President Ever by Censured by Congress?
    • Could A Censure Against Trump Still Happen?
    • How Would A Censure Affect Trump?

    Impeachment and subsequent removal from office are the ultimate penalty lawmakers can place on a president. The Democrat-led House is likely to impeach Trump, but the Republican-led Senate is unlikely to remove him from office. Amid the inquiry into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, censure has been discussed among legal experts and lawmakers as an alternative to impeachment. Democrats can go on the record against the president’s actions without facing losing at a Senate trial. “The inquiry, followed by a resolution on censure based on the inquiry would leave the Democrats in a stronger position than they would be if they sent it over to the Senate and went through a messy four to six-week process,” William Galston, senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, told PBS NewsHour. A possible Senate trial, Galston argued, could distract from the Democratic primary and allow Trump to use impeachment to pitch a sympathetic narrative to the public ahead of his reelection...

    A Senate resolution against Andrew Jackson in 1834 provides the “clearest instance of a successful presidential censure,” according to the Congressional Research Service. Lawmakers moved to censure Jackson for withholding documents requested by lawmakers relating to his decision to defund the Second Bank of the United States. More commonly, censure resolutions are adopted by Congress or state legislatures to punish other lawmakers. When it comes to presidents, censure occupies a murky territory, Magarian told PBS NewsHour. “My gut instinct is that censure is both too powerful and too powerless at the same time,” he said. “On the one hand, as a matter of institutional norms, this is the biggest negative statement a house of congress can make against the president or anybody else. … On the other hand it’s a big fight, presumably, to get a censure done and at the end of the day it may not change anything.” Still, he said, a censure would be a less arduous process than a Senate trial.

    Experts appear to be mixed on whether a censure would be useful to Democrats at this stage in the impeachment inquiry. Galston argues that the most advantageous choice for Democrats would have been to move forward with censure over impeachment from the beginning. Levinson said that censure makes more sense as a precursor to impeachment. “We’re already at the next step,” Levinson said. Once lawmakers vote on articles on impeachment, “that’s the much more draconian response,” she added. Lawmakers could still decide to censure Trump as a symbolic condemnation if the Senate acquits him. MORE: Who’s who in the Trump impeachment inquiry?

    Censure does not result in removal from office, or loss in presidential powers. But like impeachment, censure could hurt Trump’s 2020 reelection chances, as well as tarnish his reputation and legacy. Trump shot down the prospect of censure while speaking to reporters in London. “The Democrats have gone nuts, they’re crazy. And it is very bad for our country,” Trump said.

  5. Feb 01, 2021 · Censure is a reprimand adopted by one or both chambers of Congress against a Member of Congress, President, federal judge, or other government official. While Member censure is a disciplinary measure that is sanctioned by the Constitution (Article 1, Section 5), non-Member censure is not.

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    Directing censure against the president, however, is a different matter. Impeachment is established by the Constitution as the first step in the process of Congress removing the president for...

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    Jan 27, 2021 · William Howard Taft was the last US president to be censured in 1912 for trying to influence a disputed Senate election. After that, censure movements were brought against several more presidents,...

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    The censure of President Andrew Jackson "remains the clearest case of presidential censure by resolution." [10] In 1834, while under Whig control, the Senate censured Jackson, a member of the Democratic Party , for withholding documents relating to his actions in defunding the Bank of the United States . [11]

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    Sep 26, 2019 · It took 10 weeks of debate, but the motion passed (the technical justification: the President was guilty of assuming power not conferred by the Constitution). The story doesn’t end there. Three...

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