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  1. Definitions of central adjective in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area “a central position” Synonyms: amidship located in the middle part of a ship or aircraft bicentric having two centers bifocal having two foci center, halfway, middle, midway equally distant from the extremes centered being or placed in the center

  2. Definition of central 1 as in main coming before all others in importance the central theme of the book Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance main primary predominant dominant highest greatest big foremost key leading first principal chief supreme capital cardinal paramount overriding great master premier prior primal preeminent sovereign arch major

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  4. Central Garden & Pet could not succeed without the amazing people who bring our company to life every day. With over 7,000 employees across North America, Europe and China, we are committed to working together to create opportunity, a culture of inclusivity & belonging and a great place to work where people can build life-long careers doing what they love.

  5. 10 hours ago · Welcome to a new episode of Ask Windows Central, a show where we attempt to answer our community's most asked questions around Microsoft, Windows, Surface, Xbox, and the general tech industry.

  6. Changing Lives, Building Communities,Central to Connecticut. The Annual Fund Campaign raises funds to support every aspect of a CCSU experience, not only providing scholarship opportunities, but also enabling the University to be responsive to challenges and opportunities. Please make a gift to the Annual Fund today, and consider joining the True Blue Society by making a recurring gift.

  7. 3 hours ago · Central Fire Station Lobby: 401 Indian Trail . Broadband Providers. Police Station Lobby: 402 Indian Trail . Broadband Providers. Both shelters will have functioning restrooms and bathrooms ...

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