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  1. Cerebrovascular Accident CVA Stroke Nursing Care Plans Diagnosis and Interventions. Stroke NCLEX Review and Nursing Care Plans. Stroke is a medical emergency that occurs when a part of the brain’s blood supply is cut off causing oxygen deprivation and death to brain tissues. It is also known as cerebrovascular accident CVA.

  2. Express concerns about effect of disease on lifestyle, position within family and society. Demonstrate effective coping strategies/problem-solving skills. Nursing Interventions. Explain purpose of tests and procedures: stress testing. Rationale: Reduces anxiety attributable to fear of unknown diagnosis and prognosis.

  3. Nursing Interventions for Ineffective Airway Clearance: Rationale: Assess airway patency. Maintaining an open and clear airway is vital to retain airway clearance. Auscultate breath sounds. Abnormal breath sounds such as crackles, stridor, and wheezes can signify ineffective airway clearance.

  4. Included in this guide are 12 nursing diagnoses for stroke (cerebrovascular accident) nursing care plans. Know about the nursing interventions for stroke, assessment, goals, and related factors of each nursing diagnosis and care plan.

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  6. Mar 18, 2022 · This book focuses on the nursing diagnostic labels, their defining characteristics, and risk factors – this does not include nursing interventions and rationales. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 12th Edition Revised Reprint with 2021-2023 NANDA-I® Updates Another great nursing care plan resource that is updated to include the recent NANDA-I updates.

  7. Progress notes are essential medical records based on the nursing profession process: assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning with goal setting, implementation/ interventions, and evaluation. Progress notes serve to; Establish a communicated baseline; Record relevant data at regular intervals; Provide snap-shot summaries of a patient's condition

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