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    Cham·ber mu·sic
    /ˈCHāmbər ˌmyo͞ozik/


    • 1. instrumental music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part, the most important form being the string quartet which developed in the 18th century.

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      • chamber music 1. A style of music that first appeared in the fifteenth century, written for performance in a chamber, or room, rather than in a church or theater. Although chamber music has long been a staple of the concert hall, it retains an air of intimacy, with the number of musicians usually limited to eight.
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  3. Dec 28, 2022 · noun : music and especially instrumental ensemble music intended for performance in a private room or small auditorium and usually having one performer for each part Example Sentences Recent Examples on the Web Nuttall was speaking of emotional risks as much as technical ones, as if chamber music performance could be a kind of method acting.

  4. In its original sense, chamber music referred to music composed for the home, as opposed to that written for the theatre or church. Since the “home”—whether it be drawing room, reception hall, or palace chamber—may be assumed to be of limited size, chamber music most often permits no more than one player to a part.

  5. Chamber music is a form of classical music that is composed for a small group of instruments —traditionally a group that could fit in a palace chamber or a large room.

  6. Cultural definitions for chamber music chamber music Music for two or more instruments in which only one musician plays each part. Chamber music is distinguished from music for orchestra, in which, for example, more than a dozen violinists may be playing the same notes. The most familiar kind of chamber music is the string quartet.

  7. Chamber music is a classical form of music that is generally composed so that there’s only one performer assigned to play each part. Nevertheless, it’s a collective or group performance, so it doesn’t usually include solo instrument performances. The group of musicians usually gather in a room, a palace chamber, or a small theater hall.

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