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  1. 1. the bed of a stream, river, or other waterway. 2. a navigable route between two bodies of water. 3. the deeper part of a waterway. 4. a wide strait, as between a continent and an island. 5. a course into which something may be directed: to direct a conversation to a new channel.

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    Channel (programming), in computer science, a tool used for interprocess communication; Channel I/O, in computing, a high-performance input/output (I/O) architecture; Video blog, hosted by a video-sharing website or channel; Other uses in science and technology. Channel (semiconductor), a part of the structure of a field-effect transistor

  6. Follow these instructions to create a channel that only you can manage using your Google Account. Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site. Click your profile picture Create a channel....

  7. May 20, 2022 · A channel is a wide strait or waterway between two landmasses that lie close to each other. A channel can also be the deepest part of a waterway, or a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. Some channels were created by glaciers that carved out deep canyons between two landmasses. Channels created by people are usually dug from the bottoms of shallow waterways so large ships can pass through them.