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  1. When he was a teenager, he met Chantal Desnoyers in Paris. They soon become parents to a boy. Charles met Chantal Compagnon, a young Parisian woman with a conservative background, in 1969. He broke up with Desnoyers to be with Compagnon. The day Charles and Compagnon got married, Desnoyers gave birth to their second child, a girl named Muriel ...

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    Hotchand Bhawnani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj was born on Thursday, April 6, 1944 (age 77 years; as of 2021), in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. After his parent’s separation, his mother got married to her boyfriend in French Indochina, which led him to grow up between Indochina and France. In France, he lived in Marseilles. His schooling took place at a French boarding school. In his school days, he was always missing from his class due to which he had low grades. However, when he came to school, he was a trouble for the school authorities. In his teens, he was baptized as a Catholic and was renamed ‘Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj’ in the church records. Crime Library

    Charles Sobhraj began committing small crimes in his teen years. One of his early crimes includes him convincing his half-brother (Andre) to rob a shopkeeper. In 1963, Sobhraj went to jail for the first time, charged with burglary at Poissy prison near Paris. As a prisoner in Poissy, he influenced prison officials into granting him special favors like keeping books in his cell. While in Poissy prison, he met a prison volunteer named Felix d’Escogne, a young man with connections to high society personnel in Paris. After getting paroled, Charles accompanied Felix to high society life while involving himself with the Parisian underworld (committing a series of burglaries and scams). During the same time, he met Chantel Compagnon. Charles proposed to Chantal Compagnonfor marriage, and the day he proposed Chantal, he was sent to Poissy prison on charges of car theft. After his return from prison, Charles married Chantal, and they decided to leave France for Asia, fearing French authoriti...

    Teresa Knowlton (also Jennie Bollivar in some sources)She was a Seattle-based woman and the first-known Sobhraj’s murder victim. In 1975, she was found drowned wearing a bikini (floral) in the tida...

    In 1975, Charles moved to Thailand, where he embraced gem selling and drug dealing. In Thailand, he came with an idea to start his criminal family/clan. His first addition was Marie-Andrée Leclerc, who was spellbound by Charles and became his biggest accomplice in crimes. To gain more followers in his clan, he devised a new con, which comprised of Charles selecting his victims, putting them in problem, and then solving their problems. The con was a success as foreign tourists were lured, converted to his followers, and later Charles stole from them. Charles had his base in an apartment complex called Kanit House in Bangkok, Thailand. In one case, he helped the French policemen Yannick and Jacques recover their passports, which he had stolen earlier. Dominique Renelleau, another victim whose apparent dysentery was cured by Charles; according to Dominique, he fell sick after drinking a potion given by Marie-Andrée. At the same time, he was joined by a young Indian man named Ajay Chowd...

    Charles Sobhraj’s trial was a sight-worth-watching with Charles hiring and firing lawyers at will, bringing his paroled brother (Andre) to assist him, and putting on a hunger strike. For the murders of the people in India, Avoni Jacob and Jean-Luc Solomon, Charles received a twelve-year prison sentence. Marie-Andree also received a twelve-year prison sentence after she was found guilty of drugging French students and murdering Jacob. After Marie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1983, she was sent back to Canada for treatment; she died in Canada in April 1984. Smith and Eather attempted suicide in prison two years before their trial. Charles lived a luxurious prison life in India; he had a television, a room, and gourmet food, something that can only be imagined in Tihar. According to some reports, he had gems concealed in his body when he entered the prison, which he used to bribe the prison guards. Charles befriended prisoners and gave interviews to western authors and journali...

    After Charles returned to France, he lived a comfortable life in suburban Paris. He hired a publicity agent to charge interviewers and photographers a large sum of money for his interviews and pictures. Charles reportedly sold the rights to a movie based on his life for US$15 million (equivalent to $20 million in 2020). He then traveled to Nepal with an excuse to set up a mineral water business and make a documentary on Nepalese culture. On September 1, 2003, Charles was reported to be gambling at a casino in Kathmandu by a journalist for The Himalayan Times. For two weeks, the journalist followed Charles and wrote articles on him with photographs in The Himalayan Times. After reading the reports in The Himalayan Times, the Nepal police raided the casino, arresting Sobhraj (who was gambling there) and reopening the double murder case from 1975 against him. In an interview, Charles talked about his arrival and arrest in Nepal and quoted, Charles was arrested by Ganesh K.C., the Deput...

    Food: Chicken Cafreal
    Actor: Charlie Chaplin
    Philosopher:Friedrich Nietzsche
    Book(s):‘The Will to Power’ by Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche

    Charles loves reading and writing. He spent most of his prison time reading and writing. In prison, he made sure that he was provided with books. In Tihar Jail in Delhi, he had a library for himself.

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  3. Usha Sobhraj was born in the early 70s ( age approximately 50-55 years; as of 2021) in Mumbai, India. In 1973, her criminal father, Charles Sobhraj, fled to Afghanistan with Usha and her mother, Chantal Compagnon, after escaping from police custody in Delhi. Charles, along with Usha’s mother, was caught on the Afghanistan-Iran border and was ...

  4. In 1969, he met Chantal Compagnon, a young Parisian woman with a conservative background. He broke up with Desnoyers to marry Compagnon. He broke up with Desnoyers to marry Compagnon. Charles proposed Compagnon to marriage but was arrested on the same day.

  5. Apr 13, 2021 · Wiki/Biography. Usha Sobhraj was born in the early 70s (age approximately 50-55 years; as of 2021) in Mumbai, India.In 1973, her criminal father, Charles Sobhraj, fled to Afghanistan with Usha and her mother, Chantal Compagnon, after escaping from police custody in Delhi.

  6. Feb 08, 2021 · During this time, Sobhraj met and began a relationship with Chantal Compagnon, a young Parisian woman from a conservative family. Sobhraj proposed marriage to Compagnon, but was arrested later the same day for attempting to evade police while driving a stolen vehicle. He was sentenced to eight months in prison.

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