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  1. Charles (953 – 22 June 992×995) was the duke of Lower Lorraine from 977 until his death. Life [ edit ] Born at Reims in the summer of 953, Charles was the son of Louis IV of France and Gerberga of Saxony and the younger brother of King Lothair . [1]

  2. Feb 21, 2024 · Charles I (born 953—died May 21, 992?, Orléans, Fr.) was the duke of Lower Lorraine, head of the only surviving legitimate line of the Carolingian dynasty by 987, and an unsuccessful claimant for the French throne. Son of Louis IV of France and Gerberga, sister of Otto I of Germany, Charles was banished by his brother, King Lothar, in 977.

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  4. Dukes of Lower Lorraine Note that the numbering of the dukes varies between sources. Matfriding dynasty. Godfrey I (959–964) Carolingian dynasty. Charles (976–991) Otto (991–1012) House of Ardennes–Verdun. Godfrey II (1012–1023) (also known as Godfrey I) Gothelo I (1023–1044) (also duke of Upper Lorraine) Gothelo II (1044–1046)

  5. Otto promised to crown Charles as soon as Lothair was out of the way and Charles paid him homage, receiving back Lower Lorraine. In August 978, Lothair invaded Germany and captured the imperial capital of Aachen, but failed to capture either Otto or Charles. In October, Otto and Charles in turn invaded France, devastating the land around Rheims ...

  6. In 977 Charles was expelled from the Kingdom after accusing Lothair's wife of infidelity and seeked refuge with Emperor Otto II, who made him Duke of Lower Lotharingia (or Lower Lorraine). In 978 Otto and Charles invaded France, and Charles was crowned King of the Franks in Laon by Theodoric I, Bishop of Metz.

  7. Biography. Son of François I, Duke of Lorraine, and Christina of Denmark. Succeeded his father as Duke of Lorraine in 1545. Should have come to power as Charles II of Lorraine but in order to establish the legitimacy of the Dukes of Lorraine by grounding it in Carolingian history, Charles Duke of Lower Lotharingia was included in the list of ...

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