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  1. Charles I of Hungary - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Charles Martel was the firstborn son of Charles II of Naples and Charles II's wife, Mary, who was a daughter of Stephen V of Hungary. [4] [5] After the death of her brother, Ladislaus IV of Hungary , in 1290, Queen Mary announced her claim to Hungary , stating that the House of Árpád (the royal family of Hungary) had become extinct with ...

  2. Charles I of Austria - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Charles was born on 17 August 1887, in the Castle of Persenbeug, in Lower Austria.His parents were Archduke Otto Franz of Austria and Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony.At the time, his great-uncle Franz Joseph reigned as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.

  3. Charles I of Anjou - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Charles I (early 1226/1227 – 7 January 1285), commonly called Charles of Anjou, was a member of the royal Capetian dynasty and the founder of the second House of Anjou. He was Count of Provence (1246–85) and Forcalquier (1246–48, 1256–85) in the Holy Roman Empire , Count of Anjou and Maine (1246–85) in France; he was also King of ...

  4. Oct 21, 2020 · Today is the feast of the Blessed Emperor, Charles I of Austria-Hungary. The release of my new biography of the saintly monarch last month have for obvious reasons brought him to my mind in recent days. Added to this is the impending dedication of the 16th shrine in his honor in these United States, at …

  5. List of wars involving Hungary - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Hungarian – Venetian war Kingdom of Hungary Republic of Venice: Hungarian defeat 1127–1129 Byzantine-Hungarian War (1127–29) Kingdom of Hungary Serbian Grand Principality Byzantine Empire: Stalemate, Peace agreement 1132 Hungarian – Polish war : Kingdom of Hungary Duchy of Austria: Kingdom of Poland: Hungarian victory 1136–1137

  6. Charles VI | Holy Roman emperor | Britannica

    Oct 16, 2020 · Charles VI, Holy Roman emperor from 1711 and, as Charles III, archduke of Austria and king of Hungary. As pretender to the throne of Spain (as Charles III), he attempted unsuccessfully to reestablish the global empire of his 16th-century ancestor Charles V. He was the author of the Pragmatic

  7. Carol I | king of Romania | Britannica

    Oct 06, 2020 · Carol I, first king of Romania, whose long reign (as prince, 1866–81, and as king, 1881–1914) brought notable military and economic development along Western lines but failed to solve the basic problems of an overwhelmingly rural country. As a German prince, Carol was educated in Dresden and Bonn

  8. Zita of Bourbon-Parma - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Zita of Bourbon-Parma (Zita Maria delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese; 9 May 1892 – 14 March 1989) was the wife of Charles, the last monarch of Austria-Hungary. As such, she was the last Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, in addition to other titles.

  9. Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires: 1806-1918 - EuroDocs

    Oct 07, 2020 · Russia and Austria-Hungary agreed to this treaty in Budapest. Both parties agree not to expand military operations and pledge mutual support in the case that the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Austria-Hungary agrees to be neutral in the case that Russia has another war with the Ottoman Empire. (15 January 1877; Russian transcription)

  10. World War I - Wikimedia Commons

    Oct 16, 2020 · English: World War I, also known as the First World War, and (before 1939) the Great War, the War of the Nations, the World War, and the War to End All Wars, was a world conflict lasting from August 1914 to the final Armistice (cessation of hostilities) on November 11, 1918.