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  1. Charles IV of France - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_IV_of_France

    2 days ago · Charles IV (18/19 June 1294 – 1 February 1328), called the Fair (le Bel) in France and the Bald (el Calvo) in Navarre, was last king of the direct line of the House of Capet, King of France and King of Navarre (as Charles I) from 1322 to 1328.

  2. Charles IX of France - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_IX_of_France

    4 days ago · In 1572, after several unsuccessful peace attempts, Charles ordered the marriage of his sister Margaret of Valois to Henry of Navarre (the future King Henry IV of France), a major Protestant nobleman in the line of succession to the French throne, in a last desperate bid to reconcile his people.

  3. Henry IV | king of France | Britannica › biography › Henry-IV-king-of-France

    4 days ago · Henry IV, also called (until 1572) Prince de Béarn, byname Henry of Navarre, or Henry of Bourbon, French Henri de Navarre, or Henry de Bourbon, (born Dec. 13, 1553, Pau, Béarn, Navarre [France]—died May 14, 1610, Paris, France), king of Navarre (as Henry III, 1572–89) and first Bourbon king of France (1589–1610), who, at the end of the Wars of Religion, abjured Protestantism and ...

  4. Napoleonic Wars - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Napoleonic_Wars

    May 07, 2021 · The Napoleonic Wars ended with the Second Treaty of Paris on 20 November 1815. This was just after the Battle of Waterloo, a big battle that Napoleon lost. Napoleon's empire lost the wars. The Bourbon Dynasty ruled France again. Some people call the time between April 20 1792 and November 20 1815 "the Great French War". On one side was the ...

  5. Carlos IV de Francia - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre › wiki › Carlos_I_de_Navarra

    May 07, 2021 · Carlos IV de Francia y I de Navarra, conocido como " el Hermoso " (Castillo de Creil (Oise), 11 de diciembre de 1294 - Vincennes, 1 de febrero de 1328), rey de Navarra (con el nombre de Carlos I) y de Francia (1322 - 1328), el decimoquinto y último de la Dinastía de los Capetos directos. Fue conde de La Marche de 1322 a 1328.

  6. Manuel de Godoy | prime minister of Spain | Britannica › biography › Manuel-de-Godoy

    May 08, 2021 · When her husband ascended the throne in 1788 as Charles IV, the domineering Maria Luisa persuaded Charles to advance Godoy in rank and power, and by 1792 he became field marshal, first secretary of state, and duque de Alcudia.

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  9. Perpignan - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Perpignan

    6 days ago · In 1344 Peter IV of Aragon took the Kingdom of Majorca and Perpignan once more became part of the County of Barcelona. A few years later Perpignan lost approximately half of its population to the Black Death. Perpignan was attacked and occupied by Louis XI of France in 1463, but in 1493 Charles VIII of France gave it back to Ferdinand II of Aragon.

  10. French Wars of Religion - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki › French_Wars_of_Religion

    6 days ago · The Wars of Religion in France lasted between 1562 and 1598. The first seven wars (1562-1563, 1567-1568, 1568-1570, 1572-1573, 1575-1577, 1577, 1579-1580) had common features: a split society between Catholics and Protestants, fragmented and erratic military operations, and peace edicts that were more like truces than real peace.

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