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  1. Apr 27, 2019 · Biography . Charles Martel of Anjou. Charles Martel (8 September 1271 – 12 August 1295) of the Angevin dynasty, also known as Charles I Martel, (French: Charles Martel d'Anjou, Italian: Carlo Martello, Hungarian: Martell Károly) was the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary, the daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary.

  2. Robert, King of Naples - Wikipedia,_King_of_Naples

    Biography. Robert was born around 1276, the third son of the future Charles II of Naples (then heir apparent) and his wife Mary of Hungary. His father was the son of the incumbent King of Naples, Charles of Anjou, who had established an Italian realm a decade earlier in 1266.

  3. Joanna I of Naples - Wikipedia

    Charles of Durazzo, thinking that he couldn't resist Louis I of Anjou, had transferred Joanna to the fortress of Muro Lucano, where she was killed on 27 July 1382, aged 55 or 56. [114] [115] In his official statement, Charles claimed Joanna died of natural causes.

    • 28 August 1344 (alone), 27 May 1352 (with Louis I)
    • Robert
    • 20 January 1343 – 12 May 1382
    • Charles III
  4. Mary, Queen of Hungary - Wikipedia

    They regarded Charles III of Naples as Louis the Great's legitimate heir because Charles was the last male offspring of the Capetian House of Anjou. [19] [25] Charles could not openly lay claim to Hungary, because his rival for the Kingdom of Naples , Louis I, Duke of Anjou – who was Charles VI of France 's uncle – had invaded Southern ...

    • 17 September 1382
    • Louis I
  5. Louis X of France - Wikipedia

    On the death of his father in 1314, Louis became King of France. Margaret of Burgundy died on 14 August 1315 and Louis remarried five days later, on 19 August to Clementia of Hungary, the daughter of Charles Martel of Anjou and the niece of Louis' own uncle and close advisor, Charles of Valois.

  6. Catherine of Hungary, Duchess of Świdnica - Wikipedia

    Catherine of Hungary (died 1355) was a daughter of King Charles I of Hungary. Her mother is uncertain. She was a member of the House of Anjou and was a Hungarian princess. Family. Some believe Catherine's family are unknown. Though it is most likely she was daughter of Charles.

  7. Stefan Dragutin - Wikipedia

    Dragutin was allegedly willing to support her and her son, Charles Martel of Anjou. Charles Martel, who regarded himself the lawful king of Hungary, granted Slavonia to Dragutin's son, Vladislav, in 1292, but most Hungarian noblemen and prelates remained loyal to Andrew III.

  8. List of French consorts - Wikipedia

    This is a list of the women who were queens or empresses as wives of French monarchs from the 843 Treaty of Verdun, which gave rise to West Francia, until 1870, when the French Third Republic was declared.

  9. Gertrude of Hohenberg - Wikipedia

    Clementia (c. 1262 – after 7 February 1293), married 1281 in Vienna to Charles Martel of Anjou, the Papal claimant to the throne of Hungary and mother of king Charles I of Hungary, as well as of queen Clementia of France, herself the mother of the baby king John I of France. Hartmann (1263, Rheinfelden – 21 December 1281), drowned in Rheinau.

  10. Joanna I of Anjou, queen of Naples (1328 - 1382) - Genealogyò-queen-of...

    Biography Born in Naples, Joan was the daughter of Charles, Duke of Calabria (eldest son of King Robert of Naples) and Marie of Valois (a sister of King Philip VI of France). At the age of seven years (1334), she was betrothed to her six-year-old second cousin Prince Andrew (Hungarian: Endre) of the Hungarian branch of the House of Anjou, the ...

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