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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Charles Martel (Hungarian: Martell Károly; 8 September 1271 – 12 August 1295) of the Angevin dynasty was the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary, the daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary.

  2. Charles Martel - Wikipedia

    Charles Martel (c. 688 – 22 October 741) was a Frankish statesman and military leader who, as Duke and Prince of the Franks and Mayor of the Palace, was the de facto ruler of Francia from 718 until his death. He was a son of the Frankish statesman Pepin of Herstal and Pepin's mistress, a noblewoman named Alpaida.

  3. Charles I of Anjou - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Anjou

    Charles I (early 1226/1227 – 7 January 1285), commonly called Charles of Anjou, was a member of the royal Capetian dynasty and the founder of the second House of Anjou. He was Count of Provence (1246–85) and Forcalquier (1246–48, 1256–85) in the Holy Roman Empire , Count of Anjou and Maine (1246–85) in France; he was also King of ...

    • 5 January 1266
    • Manfred
  4. Charles II of Naples - Wikipedia

    Born in 1254, Charles was the son of Charles I of Anjou and Beatrice of Provence. He was the sole heir of his father's vast dominion. By the time of Charles' birth, his father had seized Provence and Forcalquier (in the Holy Roman Empire), Anjou and Maine (in France), and the Kingdom of Sicily (a fief of the Holy See).

    • 29 May 1289
    • Charles I
    • 1285–1309
    • Robert
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    …Remember Charles Martel, and Charles Martel of Anjou it's kind of like saying DeLancey De Lancey or just Lancey sometimes it goes like de Lancey and if it is together as of deLancey thats realy modern and if it is delancey with yes small L then thats a more seperated diversion though it varies sometimes vowels are missing.

  6. Charles Martel (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Charles Martel (c. 688–741) was a Frankish military and political leader. Charles Martel may also refer to: People. Charles Martel of Anjou (1271–1295), titular King of Hungary; Charles Martel (librarian) (1860–1945), American librarian; Charles Martel, Duke of Calabria (1327) Karl Hermann Martell (1906–1966), German actor; Other

  7. August 12 – Charles Martel d'Anjou (born 1271) December 7 – Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, English politician (b. 1243) December 21 – Marguerite Berenger of Provence, queen of Louis IX of France (born c. 1221) Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol (born 1238

  8. Stephen of Anjou - Wikipedia

    Stephen (Hungarian: István; 20 August 1332 – 9 August 1354) was a Hungarian royal prince of the Capetian House of Anjou. He was the youngest son of Charles I of Hungary and Elizabeth of Poland to survive childhood. He was styled as duke of Slavonia from 1339 to 1346, but he had no role in the government of the province. Stephen's separate ...

  9. Charles I of Hungary - The Reader Wiki, Reader View of Wikipedia

    Charles was the only son of Charles Martel, Prince of Salerno, and his wife, Clemence of Austria. He was born in 1288; the place of his birth is unknown. Charles Martel was the firstborn son of Charles II of Naples and Charles II's wife, Mary, who was a daughter of Stephen V of Hungary.

  10. Charles Robert "Caroberto" d'Anjou (1288 - 1342) - Genealogy

    Dec 17, 2018 · Charles I of Hungary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Charles I of Hungary (Hungarian: Károly Róbert, Croatian: Karlo Robert, Slovak: Karol Róbert), (1288, Naples, Italy – 16 July 1342, Visegrád, Hungary[1]), is also known as Charles Robert, Charles Robert of Anjou, and Charles Robert of Anjou-Hungary, King of Hungary[2] (1308-1342).

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