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  1. Charles Martel of Anjou - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_Martel_of_Anjou

    Charles Martel (Hungarian: Martell Károly; 8 September 1271 – 12 August 1295) of the Angevin dynasty was the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary, the daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary.

  2. Charles Martel - Wikipedia › wiki › Charles_Martel

    Charles, nicknamed "Martel", or "Charles the Hammer" (martel means "hammer" in French) in later chronicles, was the illegitimate son of Pepin of Herstal and his mistress, possible second wife, Alpaida. He had a brother named Childebrand, who later became the Frankish dux (that is, duke) of Burgundy.

  3. Charles II of Naples - Wikipedia › wiki › en:Charles_II_of_Naples

    Charles Martel of Anjou (1271-1295), titular King of Hungary Margaret (1273– 31 December 1299), Countess of Anjou and Maine, married at Corbeil 16 August 1290 to Charles of Valois Saint Louis of Toulouse (9 February 1274, Nocera Inferiore – 19 August 1298, Chateau de Brignoles), Bishop of Toulouse Robert the Wise (1276-1343), King of Naples

  4. 1295 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › 1295

    August 12 – Charles Martel d'Anjou (born 1271) December 7 – Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, English politician (b. 1243) December 21 – Marguerite Berenger of Provence, queen of Louis IX of France (born c. 1221) Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol (born 1238

  5. کاروی یکم - ویکی‌پدیا، دانشنامهٔ آزاد › wiki › کاروی_یکم

    Charles depicted in the Illuminated Chronicle پادشاه مجارستان و کرواسی مورد ادعای واتسلاو سوم بوهم (۱۳۰۱–۰۵) و اتو (مجارستان) (1305–12)

    • اوایل ۱۳۰۱, ۱۵/۱۶ ژوئن ۱۳۰۹, ۲۷ اوت ۱۳۱۰
    • لایوش یکم
  6. Charles Robert "Caroberto" d'Anjou (1288 - 1342) - Genealogy › people › Charles-I-of-Hungary

    Dec 17, 2018 · Charles I of Hungary. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Charles I of Hungary (Hungarian: Károly Róbert, Croatian: Karlo Robert, Slovak: Karol Róbert), (1288, Naples, Italy – 16 July 1342, Visegrád, Hungary[1]), is also known as Charles Robert, Charles Robert of Anjou, and Charles Robert of Anjou-Hungary, King of Hungary[2] (1308-1342).

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    During the Iron Age, what is now metropolitan France was inhabited by the Gauls. The area was annexed by Rome in 51 BC, developing a distinct Gallo-Roman culture that laid the fou

  8. بوناونتورا - ویکی‌پدیا، دانشنامهٔ آزاد › wiki › بوناونتورا

    سنت بوناونچر (pdf [پیوند مرده]) از آلبان باتر در ویکی‌انبار پرونده‌هایی دربارهٔ بوناونتورا موجود است. داده‌های کتابخانه‌ای

  9. Mary, Nữ vương Hungary – Wikipedia tiếng Việt › wiki › Mary,_Nữ_vương_Hungary

    Mary, còn được gọi là Maria của Anjou (tiếng Hungary: Anjou Mária, tiếng Croatia: Marija Anžuvinska, tiếng Ba Lan: Maria Andegaweńska; 1371 – 17 tháng 5 năm 1395), trị vì là Nữ hoàng Hungary và Croatia trong khoảng thời gian từ 1382 đến 1385 và từ năm 1386 cho đến khi bà qua đời.

  10. Acheron - Wikipedia › en › wiki

    The Suda describes the river as "a place of healing, not a place of punishment, cleansing and purging the sins of humans".. According to later traditions, Acheron had been a son of Helios and either Gaia or Demeter, who had been turned into the Underworld river bearing his name after he refreshed the Titans with drink during their contest with Zeus.

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