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    Charles University, known also as Charles University in Prague (Czech: Univerzita Karlova (UK); Latin: Universitas Carolina; German: Karls-Universität) or historically as the University of Prague (Latin: Universitas Pragensis), is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic.

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    The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, is one of the original four faculties of Charles University in Prague. When founded, it was named the Faculty of the Liberal Arts or the Artistic Faculty. The faculty provides lectures in the widest range of fields of the humanities in the Czech Republic, and is the only university faculty in Europe which provides studies in all the official languages of the European Union. The faculty has around 1,000 members of staff, over 9,000 students, and a flexible

    • Artistická fakulta
    • ca. 9,000 (ca. 13,500 including U3A and other courses)
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    Faculty of Arts (philosophy), Charles University in Prague Charles University is a university in Prague. It is one of the oldest universities in the world. King Charles IV signed an official letter to start the university on April 7, 1348.

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    The First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University is one of five medical faculties of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1348 at the same time as the university itself, it is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe and the 11th oldest medical institution in the world. Situated in the centre of Prague, the faculty provides education in all fields of general medicine. It is regularly ranked in the top 1% of medical faculties globally. It is one of the five medical facult

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    English: Charles University in Prague is the largest and most ancient university in the Czech Republic. Karolinum, main entrance Karolinum, the historical building

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    The Hussite Theological Faculty (Czech: Husitská teologická fakulta) is one of three theological faculties of Charles University in Prague. The Faculty was founded with the Czechoslovak Hussite Church which was established at the beginning of 1920 from the Catholic Modernist movement. The Hussite Theological Faculty currently offers theological studies of three Christian convictions - Hussite Theology, Old Catholic Theology and Orthodox Theology.

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    The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is one of the newest faculties of Charles University.The Faculty was founded in 1990, shortly after the Velvet Revolution.It soon became a regional centre of teaching and research in area studies, economics, international relations, journalism, media studies, sociology and political science.

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    Monument to the protector of the university, Emperor Charles IV, in Prague (built in 1848) Medieval university (1349–1419) The establishment of a medieval university in Prague was inspired by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. He asked his friend and ally, Pope Clement VI, to do so.

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    It is home to a wide range of public and private schools, including Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in Central Europe. Prague is classified as an "Alpha-" global city according to GaWC studies and ranked sixth in the Tripadvisor world list of best destinations in 2016.

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