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  2. GEICO offers affordable motorcycle insurance with competitive coverage and discounts for various types of bikes, including sport, cruiser, moped, and custom. You can get a free online quote in 15 minutes or less and pay monthly or in full. Learn more about the coverages, benefits, and features of GEICO Motorcycle Insurance.

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    • Why Should You Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes?
    • Compare Insurance Quotes For Motorcycles by State
    • What Causes Motorcycle Insurance Rates to Increase?
    • Compare Motorcycle Insurance For Mopeds and Scooters
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    Full coverage rates can vary by up to $33 per month from one company to the next. For example, a full coverage policy from the cheapest company, Dairyland, costs around $22 per month. The most expensive company, Nationwide, charges $55 per month for the same coverage.

    Where you live also affects how much you pay for motorcycle insurance. For example, Dairyland has the cheapest overall rates in the country. But it's only the most affordable company in 18 states. Progressive has the lowest rates in 23 states, and Harley-Davidson is the cheapest option in nine states.

    Each insurance company calculates rates differently. The cheapest motorcycle insurance for a friend or family member might not be your best choice. You may pay more for motorcycle insurance if: These things affect your rates because an insurance company will think you're more likely to make a claim in the future.

    Comparing scooter and moped insurance quotes involves the same process as comparing motorcycle quotes. The only difference is that some states have different requirements for these vehicles. Before you start comparing policies, check your state's moped and scooter insurance requirementsto see if coverage is required. Even if you aren't legally requ...

    ValuePenguin collected thousands of quotes across all 50 states to find the average cost of motorcycle insurance. Rates are for a 45-year-old single man who owns a 2018 Honda CMX500 Rebel. Quotes are for a full coverage policy, including higher liability limits than the state requirement and comprehensive and collision coverage. To find the rate ch...

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  3. GEICO offers you quality motorcycle insurance for less money. You could save money on your motorcycle insurance while getting great coverage from an established company. Review your free quote and see how much you could save with GEICO.

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  4. Mar 28, 2024 · Compare the cheapest and best motorcycle insurance companies across different categories and find the one that suits your needs. See monthly rates, discounts, coverage options and customer reviews for each company.

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  5. Jan 10, 2024 · Compare motorcycle insurance rates from top companies and find the cheapest option for your state. Learn about discounts, coverage options and customer service ratings for each company.

  6. Progressive offers a wide range of coverages and discounts for customized protection of your bike. You can get a motorcycle insurance policy starting at $75 per year for liability coverage, and see why nearly 1 in 3 insured riders choose Progressive. Find out how to save on your premium and get the best coverage for your bike.

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